‘The Adventures of Pluto Nash’ Review: The Prospects of Getting Wood on the Moon

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The Adventures of Pluto Nash is a science fiction comedy created in 2002 starring Eddie Murphy before he made Daddy Day Care. It features Eddie as a retired smuggler fresh out of prison, hoping to open a night club on the moon, the only place in the universe where gambling is still legal. Unfortunately for Pluto, a mysterious mafioso who goes by the name of Rex Crater wants to by all the clubs on the moon to make a massive gambling complex. When Pluto turns down the buy offer from Crater’s goons, one of whom is a cross eyed albino and the other played by Joe Pantoliano, best remembered as Cypher from the matrix, they blow up his club, sending the resourceful Nash on a mission for answers and revenge.

This movie is full of hilarious bits. Nash’s bodyguard bot, Bruno, played by Randy Quaid, is a model 63 security bot. His top running speed is a light jog, he can listen in on nearby phone calls, but can’t hear what is being said, and he regularly hits on every female robot in sight. Eddie Murphy mixes martinis in his mouth instead of in a glass and uses ten thousand dollar bills with Hillary Clinton’s face on it. The society on the moon seems to be made up mostly of gangsters, senior citizen criminals, and leather clad club dancers. Pluto convinces a Scottish crooner to become “Tony Francis”, a Frank Sinatra sing-a-like who gets famous as a casino lounge singer.

The other actors in the film are surprisingly diverse. Rosario Dawson, known most for sin city and Seven pounds, plays Pluto’s female companion, John Cleese cameos as a virtual car butler, and Luis Guzman plays a star struck smuggler desperately hoping to impress Pluto. Alec Baldwin even cameos briefly, though without mention in the credits, despite the film being produced 39 years after he started his film career.

To be fair, the movie did lose a total of 95 million dollars at box offices around the world, but I blame that on it’s production schedule. Studios had the original script back in 1985, and even after it was filmed and wrapped they held it on the shelf for two years. It’s hard to make money off of a movie that you refuse to market to audiences. All things considered, The Adventures of Pluto Nash won’t be winning an Oscar any time soon, or even be remembered in modern mainstream media, but if you’re looking for a fun, easy going action movie with a smartly humorous setting, The Adventures of Pluto Nash is a movie not to be overlooked.

Final Say: Watch It

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