‘High Fidelity’ Review: Which Came First, The Music or the Misery?

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So the publishing schedule has gotten a little wonky, but fear not, we’ll make our way through the whole Staff Writer’s Top 5 list, birthday bender or not. This entry in the list comes from our fearless Editor-in-Chief, Chris Stachiw.

High Fidelity is the typical romantic comedy. It’s decently funny, lessens the sappiness of most rom-coms, and provides characters that seem to act realistically. The one major complaint I have of rom-coms is that most of them are asinine and don’t make sense logically. However, High Fidelity is funny, clever, and the perpetual breaking of the fourth wall is an excellent touch. 

For those that have no knowledge of this film, Rob Gordon is the owner of a record store in Chicago. A self-professed music junkie who spends his days at his store, Championship Vinyl, with his two employees. They have an encyclopedic knowledge of pop music and are consumed with the music scene, however, it’s no help to Rob, as he examines his failed attempts at romance and happiness.

This film stars John Cusack, who may be my favorite under the radar actors, as Rob Gordon. Cusack has made a career of playing underdogs and odd men out, the unconventional hero if you will. His performance of Rob Gordon follows the same path, since, despite the turn on his character, you can’t help but hope the he figures his life out. Yes, he’s an asshole, but that just means we get to witness him transform into the man he wants to and should be.

We talk a lot at Kulture Shocked about how it’s simply hard to review good movies, and High Fidelity makes that cut. Strong performances from the whole cast, good story, great writing. I’m not going to say that it is a must see, mostly because I don’t think any romantic comedy is a must see, but you certainly won’t be wasting your time if you decide to watch this film.

Final Say: Watch It

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