Stream Police: New Horizons Edition

Posted in Screening Room by - November 10, 2015

So… I did it. I finally did it. I broke down and restarted my Netflix account. It certainly wasn’t that I was sick of Hulu and it’s admittedly limited offerings. Rather, Netflix’s television offerings were becoming too much to continue to ignore.

This is a new frontier for our relationship friends. It’s been a long time since big red and I have seen each other and quite frankly I don’t know If she’ll even remember me. Hulu certainly gave us laughs and drama, but Netflix’s quality and depth of programming simply cannot be beat.

What to watch can be a tough question, especially when you’re new to a streaming service. So if you’re like me and are one of the forty people that are fairly new to Netflix, here is a guide of some shows to get you started.

Bojack Horseman

Although this program has been featured before, I must state it is for good reason. What appears to start out as another crappy animated comedy, quickly morphs into a dark, depressing tale of a broken man with a tattered soul trying to get his shattered life back together. Quite frankly, I’ve never been so shaken by dramatic scenes in a comedy show. During the second season premier, an exchange between Bojack and his Mother, brilliantly portrayed by Wendie Malick is particularly haunting. Don’t go into this one with your guard down kiddos, this show can drag you to a dark, scary place of your spirit and will not easily let you go.

For Fans Of: My Chemical Romance, Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation


From the United Kingdom comes this unique teen drama centered around the complicated lives of British teenagers. While Skins is techincally a “teen drama,” the subject matter of story lines range from drug and alcohol abuse to suicide and parental abuse. While American viewer’s minds may immediately jump to Degrassi, rest assured that this is no where near as tame. The complicated characters and the lives they live are certainly dynamic enough to keep even the most desensitised among us entertained. Also, the producers shake up the main cast each years as a plot device, keeping story lines and characters fresh and unpredictable. It takes a bit to warm up, but after a few viewings, Skins will likely become your next guilty pleasure.

For Fans Of: Gossip Girl, Breaking Bad, Weeds

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margret

David Cross and Will Arnet star in this crass, vulgar and hilarious British miniseries. Temp worker, Todd Margret (Cross) finds himself in England attempted to sell a North Korean energy drink at the behest of Brent Wilts (Arnet) Margret finds himself spearheading the initiative after several lies. Marget’s compulsive lying is part of the humor of the series, as Margret isn’t very good at it, awkwardly attempting to cover for his clear inability to keep his story straight by continuing to lie. From the profane dialog to the clever writing, after the pilot you will certainly be hooked as Todd’s misadventures find him breaking into Buckingham Palace after attempting to convince a pretty woman that it’s his apartment, or negotiating anal sex with a pregnant hooker who won’t perform until “you lay a tarp down first.”

For Fans Of: Drawn Together, Baseketball, South Park, Arrested Development

The 4400

In the mountains of Washington, a bright ball of light deposits 4400 people, all of whom had at some point gone missing, some disappearing as long ago as the early 1940s. The drama of the show centers around the 4400 as they attempt to reintegrate into society, some even possessing enhanced psychic abilities. A mix between NCIS and Eureka, The 4400 is an easy drama to lose an afternoon to. Just don’t expect a proper ending, this program was an unfortunate victim of the most recent television writer’s strike.

For Fans Of: The X-Files, sci-fi, NCIS


A man who kinda looks like one of the wet bandits from Home Alone finds himself a victim of the Witness Relocation Program as he and his family are whisked away to Lillehammer Norway. After testifying against the mafia, Frank Tagliano (Steven Van Zandt) must adjust his busy lifestyle to conform to the people of Norway. Trending more on the side of comedy, this light Sopranos style program is perfect for those who want the taste of Tony Soprano, but not the deep overarching story or commitment.

For Fans Of: Rescue Me, Shameless, Pushing Daisies

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