‘American Sniper’ Review: Highway to the Danger Zone

Posted in Screening Room by - January 24, 2015

I’ve put off reviewing this movie, and with good reason I think. Regardless of how you feel about war, our soldiers, military action, this is an extraordinarily powerful film. There are too many emotions raging through this movie and the visual content can be unnerving. I’m also not afraid to admit that I shed a few tears through the running of this film. Yes, I’m human.

Before we touch this movie, I also feel we need to address the current state of affairs with the Kyle Estate. For those that don’t know, Jesse Ventura sued the Kyle Estate over some statements that Chris Kyle made in his book. Controversy arose when Ventura felt it was necessary to sue the Kyle Estate for $1.845 million. This is pretty unfortunate if I do say so. Even if Chris Kyle made some stuff up about his real or fictitious encounter with Ventura, the need to sue his estate was uncalled for.

Alright, everything above this was written before Michael Moore and Seth Rogen went classic celebrity asshole mode on us. I’ll admit Rogen recognized he messed up and is attempting to back pedal so he doesn’t have to full out apologize. However, for the record I would like to point out that the man that made a movie about assassinating a foreign leader compared the film adaptation of a deceased war heroes’s novel, to the Nazi propaganda film in Inglorious Bastards.

I’m not all that excited about even writing Michael Moore’s name. I’m going to have to down a bottle of bourbon later so I can cope with the rest of my day. I admittedly have no first hand knowledge of military practice or procedure, however I have watched plenty of Army documentaries on Netflix to know a tiny bit about the science behind being a sniper. For those of you that have never fired a weapon and base your knowledge on the subject from Call of Duty or Battlefield, I’m raising my middle finger at you and it’s about 5 inches from your face. There is some serious math, science, and artistry behind long range firearms. The men and women that learn to use them with deadly provision? I’ll gladly buy those bros defending and serving my country a beverage of the adult variety any day of the week. For Moore to call being a sniper cowardly? I was happy forgetting you existed, but you just had to go insert yourself into recent national news. Thanks.

Wait. I’m supposed to be reviewing a movie. American Sniper is incredible. Regardless of how you feel about Chris Kyle, Bradley Cooper’s performance was great. Some people felt that Cooper’s Texan accent had room for wanting, however I felt it didn’t detract from the film. American Sniper is a powerful film, it’s total Oscar bait, but I’m glad that it broke Avatar’s January opening weekend record with approximately $90 million. Go see American Sniper. Go ‘Murica.

Final Say: Watch It

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