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Reboots are all the rage on television these days, with the recent announcements of reboots for shows like Star Trek, Fame, and Wonder Woman, among others, the reboot bug seems to be in full effect. In celebration of Kulture Shocked’s “Not-So-Newvember”, I thought this would be a great time to look at some of the television reboots currently available on Hulu.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2015)

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has seen a multitude of comic series, TV shows, and movies since the comics were originally created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird back in 1984. While the Turtles have seen more hits than misses in their thirty years, we’ve still seen horrible adaptions with likes of The Next Mutation and the third TMNT movie from the nineties. After the success of the 2003 4 Kids Entertainment reboot, many fans of the franchise became doomsayers when they learned that a third TMNT animated series would be launched in 2012 by Nickelodeon. These feels would soon be put to rest when the show arrived and fans would find it to be the perfect mix of the 1987 and 2003 TV series, and even a bit of the movies thrown in for good measure.

Each of the turtles has their personalities that fans have come to love over the years with Leonardo being the leader of the team, Donatello being the nerdy tech guy, Mikey being the lovable idiot, and Raphael being the hot head. The series features a cell-shaded CGI look, which is meant to invoke the feel of a living comic book, allows for the characters to show a wide range of expressions, but also allows the show to pull off both the antics that the ’87 series was known for and some fantastic action scenes. When you back the visuals up with a fantastic voice cast featuring the likes of Jason Biggs as Leonardo (Biggs was succeeded by Seth Green for the show’s third season), Sean Astin as Raphael, Greg Cipes as Michelangelo, and Rob Paulson as Donatello (Fun Fact: Paulson played Raph in the ’87 series) and a great pool of supporting and guest actors with the likes of Mae Whitman, David Tennant, Zelda Williams, Corey Feldman, and many more, you know you’re in for a treat. I can’t recomend this show enough, and with all three seasons currently availble on Hulu, you have little excuse not to watch this fantastic series.

The Muppets

Not to be confused with the 2011 film reboot, in this new reboot on ABC, the Muppets have returned as the crew on a late night talk show with Ms. Piggy called Up Late with Miss Piggy. I must warn you that if you’re going into this expecting something akin to The Muppet Show, or even Muppets Tonight, then you should look elsewhere. The Muppets follows the lives of the titular characters and shows them living their day to day lives, and producing Miss Piggy’s show of course. While this may sound off putting to long time fans of the franchise, the show is definitely worth a look, despite it’s mockumentary style. With each of the current actors for the characters reprising their roles on the show, and that signature Muppets charm, you can expect lots of laughs and plenty of celebrity cameos, this is a Muppet show after all. So, if you haven’t already checked it out then give it a look, it’s actually quite good and it’s very refreshing to see this characters back on TV after so many years.

Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Moon is near and dear to me as it was one of my gateway anime, so I may have some pretty thick nostalgia goggles when it comes to this show. In case you aren’t in the loop about “Crystal”, it’s a retelling of the series with it following closer to the original source material than the original version that was produced in the 90s did. The show follows Usagi Tsukino, a clumsy and airheaded middle school student who one day meets a talking cat and learns that she is the Sailor Guardian known as Sailor Moon. In her role as Sailor Moon she must protect Earth from the enemies of the Moon Kingdom and their attempts to revive their ruler, Queen Metalia. The show, unlike 2008’s Dragon Ball Kai, features entirely new music and animation making it a true reboot and not simply a condensed version of the previous show. The show is available in its entirety on Hulu in Japanese with English subtitles, with an English dubbed version becoming available on Hulu in 2016.

Pokemon Origins

Released two years ago this month, Pokemon Origins is a four episode miniseries that reboots the Pokemon franchise with a plot based on the original Red and Blue video games. With only four episodes, the series doesn’t touch on everything but does cover Red recieving his first Pokemon and his first gym badge, the fight against Team Rocket at Lavender Town, Red earning his final badge from Giovanni, and the battle against the Pokemon League Champion. It’s only two hours in total, but reliving these memorable moments, complete with orchestraed vesrion of the original game score, is a great treat for long time fans of the show. The show is a fun little watch, and with a very well produced English language track is a must watch for long time fans of the franchise. All four episodes are on Hulu in both English and Japanese with English subtitles.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

The original Fullmetal Alchemist anime was aired back in in 2003 in Japan and ran for a total of 52 episodes. However, by the half way mark of the series the anime had caught up with the graphic novels, and with a second season ordered and no source material left, the FMA anime staff decided to end the story on their own. Jump forward six years and the original graphic novels are just ending, so the studio decided to reboot the anime and follow the original FMA story. The new series condensed the first half of the original series into 13 episodes, and then the remaining 39 focused on the story from the source material. Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the most well produced and acted shows I have ever seen. This is one of my favorite series of all time, not just anime, television in general.

A great story about two brothers who refuse to cope with loss, the story of FMA begins when the Elric Brothers, Edward and Alphonse, attempt to use alchemy to resurrect their deceased mother. Human resurection is considered the greatest taboo in all of alchemy and even attempting it costs Edward his left arm and right leg and costs Alphonse his entire body. The brothers then head out on a mission to restore their bodies by finding the legendary Philosopher’s Stone. During their journey, they find themselves sucked into a war that involves a corruption that reaches to the highest levels of the government. With wonderful writing, great suspense, excellent animation and music just brings this together as one of the greatest shows in modern television.  

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