VHS Covers and Movies Posters That Scared Me as a Kid

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I’ve always loved movies and one of my favorite things as a kid was going to the videostore and checking out what was around. To this day, even though many of the videostores I used to frequent are now long gone, if I’m out with my family or with friends, I still love to go anywhere where movies are sold and check out what’s around, even if I don’t intend on buying anything.

But here’s the other thing, I was something of a scaredy cat as a kid. Just to tell you that I was terrified of thunderstoms on the level that someone might be scared of a giant scorpion. Although thunderstorms are real and giant scorpions aren’t, but I digress. As much as I love movies, there were certain covers and posters I couldn’t bear to look at. I always had to turn away and run, which could sometimes lead me to trip or crash against someone else or boxes of movies.

Here’s my own personal list of such movies:

Evil Dead 2

The first time I remember seeing this cover I turned around and run away, happy to never see it again, only to be confronted by a giant poster of it at the video store. I guess the owners were pretty big Evil Dead 2 fans to have that poster hang around there for such a long time after its release. If you look at it, there isn’t anything exactly too scary about it, but I guess that a skull with lively eyes looking at you like that could freak out any impressionable kid. Fast-forward to now, and I can tell you I’m pretty excited for Ash vs. the Evil Dead.

The Prophecy

Yeah, I guess that skulls are starting to become a pretty recurring thing here, aren’t they? I remember opening the paper for the showtimes and seeing this poster and getting more than a little scared. As a Catholic, you’re showered with the idea of the end of the world and hell since you’re a kid, and like thunderstorms, the idea of either terrified me. When your mom likes to hang rather awesome pictures of angels fighting against demons, this becomes quite a fodder for imagination. I was told that this was a movie about Satan and God duking it out with each other, and although that should have sounded pretty awesome to me as a kid, back then, it scared me. It didn’t help that one time my older brothers rented the movie to watch it and I wasn’t allowed to, but man, it sounded loud and terrifying from the living room. I was imagining bloody battles with flying angels and demons fighting against each other. Many years later, I remembered this movie and looked it up. I still haven’t watched it, but now I’m disappointed to hear that there are no mid-air battles between angels and demons. The movie Legion kind of had that, but only kind of and it wasn’t exactly a good movie.


I remember being in line to go see a movie and it was a long, slow-moving line and I had to stand next to it for a while. Just two creepy, evil looking eyes looking right at you. Nothing else. I hadn’t seen any other images or trailers for the movie and it didn’t help that when I asked my dad what an Anaconda was, he answered: a giant snake. Gulp. To make matters worse, the movie I was going to see was sold out and my dad jokingly suggested that we should see Anaconda instead. “Of course not!” I remember yelling. Years later I watched the movie and didn’t know why I had been so scared of a movie that has a giant snake puking out a live Jon Voight in one piece.

So what about you? Are there any movie posters or covers that freaked you out as a kid? Tell us your stories!

What is it with those movie stores that like to leave posters around for movies that are at least five years old? I’d understand if they’re great or movies or classics, but for something like Failure to Launch, why? Then again, maybe the owners are fans of that movie and who am I to judge. 

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