Andrew Garfield Might Be Out as Spider-Man

Posted in Screening Room by - December 12, 2014

As reported previously on this site, Sony is having a tough time figuring out what to do with the rebooted Spider-man franchise, going as far as to milling on an idea to create an Aunt May film. In my previous article I railed against Sony’s treatment of the iconic webslinger, going as far as to call for the return of Spider-man to Marvel. Now, it seems as if the plans have been set in motion for Marvel to have access to Spider-man one again.

According to Latino Review, Marvel is looking to move forward without Andrew Garfield for their planned Spider-man addition to Captain America 3: Civil War. Marvel doesn’t want to have any ties to the Sony Spider-man films and wants to create a fresh Spider-man for their universe. I am totally on board with this idea as I was not a fan at all of the new Spider-man films; I found them to serve no purpose other than as a cash grab for Sony Studios. It’s apparent that even Sony didn’t realize what to do with the rebooted franchise so I’m glad that there are talks with Marvel to correct the course of Spider-man’s future. 

Side-bar: I loved the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man trilogy, even if the third film tried to do too much in too little of time. The first two Spider-Man films still hold up as fantastic examples of how to make a smart, funny, and touching comic book film that doesn’t dumb down the story. Plus, Sam Raimi directed the trilogy so it had that going for it as well. 

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