Tom Taylor to Leave Injustice

Posted in Screening Room by - December 12, 2014

News is coming out that Injustice writer Tom Taylor is going to be leaving the series after Chapter 14 of the current year.

For me, this is pretty disappointing. Injustice is currently one of my favorite ongoing series. Taylor has done a great job of creating this alternate universe based off the Injustice video game. It’s full of almost every character in the DC universe, and since we know that this is a tie in to the video game where Superman becomes world dictator, nobody is safe.

Brian Buccellato is going to be taking over on Chapter 15. His resume includes writing for New 52 Flash and is currently in charge of Detective Comics. He’ll be working closely with Taylor during the transition, and will follow his outline for the rest of Year 3, before finishing the series with Year 4 and 5.

While I expect Year 3 to continue it’s solid quality, I really hope Buccellato can continue crafting the excellent universe already in place.

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