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It’s officially November, and here in Chicago that means we’re not going to see the sun again for five months. In preparation for the upcoming hibernation, here are some Netflix selections to replace your friends until spring.


Children’s Hospital

(2 seasons, 17 episodes)

The cracked-out lovechild of Scrubs and The Naked Gun, Children’s Hospital might be the best under-the-radar comedy on TV. Originally a ten episode web series for the WB, the show jumped to its current home on Adult Swim in 2010. At its core, Children’s Hospital is a satire of Grey’s Anatomy-style medical dramas, but the show constantly dares to explore new, insane avenues.  Boasting a spectacular cast (Rob Corddry, Rob Huebel, Megan Mullaly and Ken Marino, to name a few) and a revolving door of guest appearances, it’s a veritable a who’s who of comedy. If you’re not already watching it, stop everything and start watching right now. Each episode is only eleven minutes long, so it’s perfect for binge-watching. Netflix only has the first two seasons, but the rest of the show readily available via VOD. 

Good for fans of: Airplane!, The State, dark humor, puns, wordplay, infirm children, clown doctors

Pay attention for: Appearances by Jon Hamm, Kurtwood Smith, Nick Offerman, Jason Sudeikis

Community reviews:

“I heard it’s based on a real hospital.”

Maurice M. – Commuter student

“Hey man, do you have five minutes to talk about switching to green energy?”

Trevor D. – EnviroNow! Street Team Volunteer




Somm follows four wine-obsessed bros on their journey to pass the Master Sommelier certification exam. In the 40 years since the test’s inception, only 200 people have passed. It’s like Remember the Titans, but with less racism and more alcohol. Even for us with plebeian beer palates, Somm is an engaging tale that proves inane human obsessions are always a perfect fodder for a documentary. Director Jason Wise treats the subject matter with the perfect touch of humor and whimsy to prevent it from sinking into pretension. If you’re looking to take a break from heavier documentary fare, watch these inflated d-bags take things way too seriously. You’ll feel better about yourself.

Good for fans of: Wine, Grapes, Frasier, Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1945, schadenfreude

Pay attention for: Notes of cardamom and sour cherry

Community reviews:

“Paired great with two bottles of Barefoot and drunk texting my ex.”

Rosetta L. – Cashier

 “Really, it’ll only be a minute, and you’ll be helping the environment.”

Trevor D. – Volunteer that can’t take a hint



House Hunters International Collection

(25 Episodes)

Love watching annoying couples search for homes, but don’t have enough friends? Allow House Hunters to put in a low bid for your heart. Each episode of house hunters follows a couple and their slimy realtor as they tour three potential homes, noting every minor flaw along the way. Once they’ve roasted all three homes, they choose which one they’d like to buy. If we’re being perfectly honest, this show makes for an excellent drinking game. Two drinks for a pastel colored bathroom, four drinks for outdated kitchens, finish your drink if the couple doesn’t understand that the ugly walls can be painted.

Good for fans of: Binge drinking, low stakes game shows, background noise, naps, couples locked in loveless marriages, minor quibbles blown completely out of proportion, real estate

Pay Attention for: The part where the husband jokes that the closet won’t fit all his wife’s clothes. Don’t worry if you miss it the first time. It happens in every episode.

Community reviews:

“I was a little disappointed when I realized Hugh Laurie wasn’t in it.”

Guadalupe E. – Drifter

“What the hell? That’s my clipboard!”

Trevor D. – Volunteer with broken clipboard



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