The Park is Open

Posted in Screening Room by - November 25, 2014

Christmas came early for some today. The official Jurassic World Trailer was released only days after our first teaser and apparently, we’re didn’t learn anything from our first three attempts at bringing dinosaurs back to life.

Not only did InGen bring dinos back, they apparently did some extra monkeying in the lab to create a unique dino exhibit that, like its predecessors, doesn’t want to be kept in a 40 foot high enclosure. Also, we’re either getting trained velociraptors or the Mystery Hybrid Dino is one bad lizard. Lastly, big shout out to Michael Giacchino (The Incredibles, Up, Star Trek) on the score to this film. The piano variation of the original theme from Jurassic Park? I’ll be buying that score when it comes out.

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