The Stream Police Thanksgiving Spectacular

Posted in Screening Room by - November 25, 2014

It’s Thanksgiving weekend, and after all those carby side dishes, there’s no way you’re getting up off the couch. With that in mind, here are some Netflix picks to entertain you through your food shame.


Mystery Science Theater 3000

There’s no finer Thanksgiving tradition for movie nerds than a Mystery Science Theater 3000 marathon, ever since it made its debut on Thanksgiving day in 1988. The premise of this cult-classic is simple, Joel Hodgson is sent into the not-so-distant future and forced to watch B-movies. Hodgson and his robotic companions, Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo, poke, prod and riff through each terrible movie, and hilarity ensues. Netflix has 10 episodes available for streaming, perfect for a Tryptophan-fighting marathon.

Available via Netflix:

  • Future War
  • Laserblast
  • Warrior of the Lost World
  • Final Justice
  • Night of the Blood Beast
  • The Phantom Planet
  • The Unearthly
  • The Atomic Brain
  • Gamera vs. Barugon
  • Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies

Good for fans of: Smartasses automotons, How Did This Get Made?, The Room, So-bad-they’re-good movies, Cranberry Sauce, Dark Meat

Review from a pilgrim: Doth my eyes deceive me? What is this devil box!? Witchcraft, I say! Witchcraft!


T. Hanksgiving picks

If ten episodes of MST3K aren’t enough for you, give thanks with some Tom Hanks, the patron saint of late-November holidays.

Philadelphia: For when your family dinner doesn’t emotionally destroy you enough.

Forrest Gump: For when you have nothing better to do for two and a half hours.

The Burbs: Because it’s not You’ve Got Mail.

Good for fans of: Tom Hanks, Colin Hanks’ dad, Turner but not Hooch, that fellow from Bosom Buddies, mashed potatoes, white meat

Review from a pilgrim: Sleepless in Seattle? You shall all be sleepless in hell!


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