Chris Pratt is a “Cowboy Ninja Viking”

Posted in Screening Room by - November 19, 2014
Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

According to Collider, Chris Pratt, of Guardians of the Galaxy and Parks and Rec fame, is attached for the Universal production of the graphic novel adaption of Cowboy Ninja Viking. With a title that sounds like something I came up with as a five year old, I must admit the premise sounds bizarre. A brief summary is below:

The protagonist of the graphic novel, Duncan, is a result of a counter-intelligence program made up of Multiple Personality Disorder patients who are transformed into agents known as Triplets, so-called for their three different personalities (hence the title). Duncan subsequently escapes and uses his skills to track down the billionaire who masterminded the program. We’re told that per the latest draft of the script, the three different personalities (the Cowboy, the Ninja, and the Viking) physically manifest onscreen as three different people when Duncan switches personas, but to onlookers he still just looks like Duncan (ie. Pratt). It’s possible that the film could be executed this way, with three different actors playing the protagonist’s manifestations while Pratt plays Duncan, but obviously the script and/or vision may evolve once a director comes onboard.

— Collider

Chris Pratt is a fantastic actor, and this definitely seems like an original idea given a push by a major studio. It’s hard to have an opinion one way or the other this early into the process, but I will follow the progress of this film with interest. No director is currently attached, but I’d expect that to be resolved quickly. With Guardians of the Galaxy behind him and Jurassic World up coming, Chris Pratt seems to be having his major breakthrough before our eyes.

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