Stream Police: Comedy Bang! Bang!, Dead Man, Bridget Jones

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Welcome to Stream Police, your one-stop source for the best offerings on Netflix Instant. There’s a whole mountain of trash on there, and I’m going to Norgay your Hillary the whole way.


Comedy Bang Bang

(2 seasons, 30 episodes)

Based on the podcast of the same name, Comedy Bang! Bang! takes Scott Aukerman’s comic sensibilities from your earballs to your eyeballs. Nestled somewhere between loving talk show tribute and Buñuelian deconstruction, Aukerman and musician Reggie Watts play host to an impressive collection of guests, both real and fictional. Podcast fans will be pleased to see appearances by old regulars like Paul F. Tompkins, James Adomian and Andy Daly. The show is never afraid to experiment with form; ridiculous sight gags, fake vox pop bits and talking taxidermy abound. It’s an acquired taste, but for lovers of absurdist comedy, it’ll fit like a hot, wet glove. CBB is currently in its third season, so if you’re one of the five people that get IFC, you can catch new episodes Friday nights at 11/10c.

Good for fans of: The State, Letterman in his “Late Night” days, Children’s Hospital, talking animals, Dr. Octagon, Paul F. Tompkins, Paul the Octopus

Recommended beverage: Water with lemon

Will my weird aunt like it? She’ll give up after five minutes to go creep your Facebook photos.



Dead Man

Have you run out of Wes Anderson movies to name-drop to cute art students at gallery parties? Problem solved. Hipster darling Jim Jarmusch brings his own postmodern spin to the Western genre in Dead Man. It’s a classic set-up: Through a cruel twist of fate, William Blake (Johnny Depp) finds suddenly himself wanted, dead or alive. On the run from a trio of bounty hunters, Blake heads west alongside “Nobody,” his American Indian partner. As they make their way toward the Pacific, the film quickly descends into black-and-white fever dream. It boasts a stellar cast, and Depp gives a brilliant performance that almost makes you forgive his Disney years.

Good for fans of: Postmodernism, Hating Johnny Depp in the Lone Ranger, Cormac McCarthy, Psychadelics, IPAs, CSNY minus CS&N, Fur coats

Recommended beverage: Psilocybin Tea

Will my weird aunt like it? She’ll talk through the whole thing.



Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

This is a bag of wet garbage.

Good for fans of: Nails on a chalkboard/Renee Zellweger’s voice, Hugh Grant’s unbearable smugness, terrible movies.

Recommended beverage: A bottle of Nyquil

Will my weird aunt like it? Abso-f***ing-lutley.

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