Will No Man’s Sky Ever Be What Hello Games Promised?

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Will No Man’s Sky Ever Be What Hello Games Promised?
From day one of No Man’s Sky’s launch, people have been let down. In fact, among players, it was probably rated the worst game ever and easily the biggest disappointment. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much more of the game than what we got from the start, but the hype killed the game, in my opinion. However, Hello Games hasn’t given up on the disaster yet. Significant updates that fundamentally overhaul the game have been released every few months. The question regarding this article is, will the game ever be what everyone was expecting?

Hello Games is more than aware of the issues that the game had at launch, and I have to give major respect to the small developing team for trying as hard as they have. After all the hype, Hello Games made a big chunk of profit from No Man’s Sky, and if they wanted to, they could have picked up and run. However, with the launch of the game being horrendous, they were in the middle of a few lawsuits if I remember correctly, so instead of running away from the problems, they embraced them and started working on a fix.

The first few updates were a bit small and made hardly noticeable changes, but the releases of the newer updates are where things started to change. The first significant updates added vehicles to quickly explore and gather materials, new game modes and base building. The newest one is where the big changes started to roll out.

The latest update which they named, ‘Atlas Rises’ was the update that actually drew players back in and surprisingly gave them a positive response. Obviously, some players are still upset about the game’s original launch so instead of giving Hello Games a chance, they just choose to curse the developers and never pick up the game again and trust me, I understand this logic. However, the developers are trying. They realize all of the mistakes that were present at the launch of NMS and they are manning up to this mistake and slowly making it the game it was promised. Once again, I understand the “Well they should not have to update the game to make it better” argument; I have heard it far too many times, but the fact still stands that they are trying. I have yet to play the update but do plan just to see if the positive feedback is true. I have played the update before this though, and I can personally say that the game did not feel like the same game I played last August.

The new game modes are what change the game in my opinion. They added a survival mode which makes the game a lot harder and a creative mode which makes the game easier with the player not having to gather supplies and being able to create bases and explore.

The new update has added a heap ton of features such as higher resolution textures, a more broad story, a missions system, better trading, more variety through each planet and solar system, low altitude flight with the ability to crash your ship, UI improvements and many more features that alter the original gameplay.

Who is to say that this update isn’t going to be good? I will be playing soon to find out myself, but from the talks and the looks of it, the update truly did the game some good.

Now, my question to everybody and all of my readers is, do you think that the game will ever be that highly hyped game we all once knew? The game that won multiple awards for ‘Best in Show’ ‘Most Anticipated Game’? If Hello Games can keep up the work they are doing at the moment, I truly believe that it can be great again. I truly believe it can be that game everyone was hyped for. Here is to hoping that the game can redeem itself in the long run, even if it meant players getting massive amounts of refunds, being shamed as one of the worst developing studios ever, and having your big game named one of the worst if not the worst of all time. I will play the update and fill you readers in further on the matter in due time. I would like to play the update myself to give you guys a true grasp on the game in its current state. Until then, keep it classy gamers!

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