That Sequel Came From The Moon: Destiny 2 Review

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That Sequel Came From The Moon: Destiny 2 Review

Destiny 2 has released under the pressure of much hype. It’s probably easy to say that this game is one of if not the most hyped game of the year and many people were more pleased with the outcome of the second game’s launch than the first. How does it hold up though? Does it fix all of the problems of the first game’s launch or does it follow the same path of running out of things to do after the story is beat?

I have been waiting to write this review simply upon the fact that you cannot just write a review on a game that is constantly updated practically every week and get the same outcome of your opinion as you did at launch. Weapons and gear are constantly added and also new events to do weekly so I decided to give it a few weeks to let my thoughts settle and not let the hype overcome my opinion on the game like many people did.

Destiny 2 overcomes the main problem of the first game being the story. The narrative in Destiny 2 is nothing short of spectacular. This same statement can not be said about the first game. Destiny’s story was just so bland and repetitive with no actual goal in mind other than to go here and shoot this and grab this and rinse and repeat.  This is most certainly not the case for the second game. D2’s story had me invested through the whole thing with beautiful music and action sequences. The game feels at least 95 percent more cinematic than the first with character interactions being involved, the beautiful landscapes and scenery and the overall story line being something that was very well executed on paper and even better in the hands of players.

There is a feeling of despair and loss from the moment the story starts up. The story revolves around the antagonist, Dominus Ghaul who makes us feel like all the fight and blood, sweat and tears that we invested into the first game mean nothing from the moment he enters the spotlight. Ghaul is intent on enslaving the Traveller so he can get chosen and rule the galaxy with the power and blessing of The Light.  But of course his plans go awry when the Guardians step into that same spotlight to stop his intergalactic destruction.

What makes this journey so great is the raw emotion that can very easily be felt throughout the story. The voice acting this is very well done and especially by Cayde-6 and Zavala. The amount of hope that Zavala has in the plan of saving the guardians and the Traveller is nothing but fantastic. This is something to praise heavily due to the first game having barely if any emotion at all.
As stated above, the soundtrack in this game is phenomenal. From the soft melodic hopeful music to the heavy and heart racing tracks that thrust the players into the heat of the moment, the music does not disappoint at all.

Players are thrown into a variety of activities from the get go. Strikes, Crucible PVP multiplayer, Public events, Adventures and a week after the game’s launch, the new Raid. All of these things can get repetitive I have found and I was quite worried that once everything was done there would be no real goal to keep playing. I was wrong in a sense. These things can keep you busy for a while but the average player is the most affected by this. The hardcore everyday player could feel like the content was enough.

The side events are what get you distracted and it is hard not to. The main event is a go and all of a sudden you see a public event that will last maybe 5 minutes. Why not go for it and get some quick loot and good loot at that. The public events and loot system has changed for the better and given players a reason to want to come together as players and defeat the public event or adventure or mini boss roaming around the map and it’s wonderful.

Destiny 2 certainly aimed this game and the first as well towards coming together as players. Almost everything in the game requires help from either friends or strangers and it is a great way to spread teamwork and friendship through the gaming community. I met some of my dearest gaming friends playing the first Destiny and we still play together to this day so it is highly possible you will make some new friends so do not be scared to try.

On the multiplayer side, the maps of Destiny 2 give a better feel of warfare and despair in the galaxy than the first game’s worlds did.  Many things have changed from the first and second game gameplay and gear wise. The first person shooter aspect is well alive in the sequel and it is great. To cut the review down a little bit, the game plays identically to the first game other than a few changes such as shields for the Titan class that can be popped and used a special ability. The classes are the same by the way with there being Titan, Warlock and Hunter. The biggest change many were upset about was no self res for the Warlock as it was one of the most used subclasses in the first game.

My biggest negative to the game and this may sound silly, but it is the shader system. Shaders are what made me love the first game. I love character customization and shaders were a great addition. You get a shader as a reward and you throw it on and bam your armor has changed colors. This is not the case in D2. You get a “pack” of shaders essentially and you have to micromanage where and what you want to put a shader on. Usually you get a pack of 5 shaders but if you want to put them on your gear, you have to use all of them and you may never get them again. Also, once the armor is dismantled or you equip another shader, you will not get those shaders back. It is the dumbest system I have seen in awhile. It is a unique idea and it was designed for players that want to mix and match colors on their gear but it should have been optional in my opinion.

Also, the game doesn’t have primary, secondary and heavy weapon slots anymore. Instead it is primary, Energy and power weapons. The power weapons are essentially heavy weapons but there are multiple types of weapons they can be rather than rocket launchers and swords. You can get shotguns as power weapons and all other sorts of weapons in this slot and it makes for a vast system.

Overall, Destiny 2 is a hit. There are for sure more positives than there are negatives in this game rather than the first. This universe is going to take a while to develop to it’s fullest potential and I will be there every step of the way. From the amazing loot system to the amazing co-op experience and exhilarating gunplay, the game will not let you down in the long run. Sure, there aren’t as many things to do at the moment but this game will grow over time with the expansions on the way and new things added every week almost. Give Destiny 2 a try even if you’re on of those, “The first game sucks so bad and anybody who plays Destiny sucks because I am better.” type of people, just give the game a try. Otherwise, you will be missing out on a marvel of a game.


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