Doomfist is Here- Now What?

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Doomfist is Here- Now What?

Since the very first cinematic trailer for Overwatch was released, one name has held the attention of fans everywhere: Doomfist. Hailed as a legendary figure within Overwatch lore, Doomfist was the subject of much debate and speculation for most of the game’s first year. Why were there three different people to hold the title of Doomfist? Why did his gauntlet disappear in the Numbani map? After months of teasing fans, would Terry Crews voice the character? Finally, after over a year of speculation, all of these questions and more have been answered as Doomfist is now available on all platforms. Now, only one question remains: what comes next?

The reveal and release of Doomfist has driven so much of the discussion around Overwatch that it’s hard to imagine another character or lore tease being able to fill the void left behind now that the mystery is gone. Of course, this may be entirely unnecessary; one year on, and Overwatch has garnered commercial success and heaps of critical praise, so it seems unlikely that the arrival of a much-anticipated character and the end of the mystery surrounding him would do much to significantly deflate the hype surrounding the game. One does have to wonder if Blizzard can capture lightning in a bottle twice, however. Of the characters added since launch, the two most anticipated have easily been Sombra and Doomfist (because let’s face it, villains are cooler). While the hype around Doomfist reached a fever pitch, the drawn-out reveal of Sombra had everyone but the most dedicated fans rolling their eyes and impatiently waiting for the theatrics to end. By this measure, Blizzard’s track record of getting fans suitably excited for an impending reveal is about 50/50, which isn’t great by any stretch of the imagination.

While the possibility of fans getting as worked up over another character as they did Doomfist is uncertain, Blizzard now has an opportunity that’s been out of reach for most of the game’s life thus far: the opportunity to actively advance the story behind Overwatch in a meaningful way. With the character who is ostensibly the big bad finally out of prison and character motivations established for almost everyone via short films and comics, Overwatch now has the foundation necessary to move on with the story and start focusing on the future of its colorful cast of characters instead of the past. The only problem with moving the story forward is the dissonance between the lore Overwatch and the non-canonical multiplayer matches that comprise the actual game, so any meaningful changes to characters or the story will likely be put on hold until the roster refreshes for the inevitable Overwatch 2 in order to avoid confusion (and it’s worth noting that while the FPS genre is very different from the MMORPG genre, this is Blizzard we’re talking about, so a true sequel could be many years away).

The arrival of Doomfist signals the end of an era for Overwatch and the beginning of a new chapter in the lore of the game. With the biggest villain established, a year’s worth of comics and animated shorts to set up the characters, and over 30 million players worldwide eagerly anticipating, even more, content, Overwatch is ready to push forward into the future. Where the game and the world it’s built go next is anybody’s guess, but with regular updates to the game and the newfound momentum of the story, the future of Overwatch looks bright.

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