I Am Batman: Batman: Arkham VR Review

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I Am Batman: Batman: Arkham VR Review

Have you ever wanted to be Batman? Have you ever wanted to feel what it is like to suit up and fight crime? Well, Arkham VR lets you do just that (besides the fighting crime part). Rocksteady wanted to deliver a great VR experience with their most loved franchise, and they did just this.

Arkham VR is one of the only VR games that feels like you are in another world. Once I put on the headset, I literally felt like I was in Gotham City. The title screen throws you on top of the GCPD building enjoying a view of a gross and run-down Gotham, but that’s not the point! The feeling makes it all worthwhile. You seriously feel as if you’re Batman perched up on the GCPD building looking over the rails for crime to fight and it’s just glorious. However, can a scenic view of just sitting in a title screen justify the rest of the game and what matters, the gameplay?

This game is one of the few games that support Move controllers, and it does it very well. I had no issues with the tracking of the devices and the overall gameplay with my hands felt very well done. If I wanted to pick something up, I could do it with no issues, and this is a trait that some games could notice in my time with the VR.

The movement is a teleportation system and honestly, with the upcoming Skyrim VR using the same system, I was a bit worried, but after playing Arkham VR, I’m not as worried as I was. The moving system in the game isn’t terrible, it would just feel more lifelike if you could walk around, but with the camera being your primary source of tracking, there isn’t much they could do about that, so I’m not deducting mental points on that one too much. Also, you can walk around to a certain extent and that extent being about a foot away, but honestly it helps. If you’re standing on a railing and you want to look over this railing it is possible.

The story is good. A solid good is all I will give it. The reason? The length. It only takes about 90 minutes to complete the story, which after it is beaten can be played through again to complete Riddler trophies which I was satisfied with. However, it is still only about a 90-minute game. However, the price point is a bit justifiable. The game is only 20 dollars. However, that is still a bit steep for something that can be beaten in one sitting… or standing? Either way, the game is short, but what is there is amazing. It’s hard to talk about the story without spoilers, but you do suit up as Batman and go out into the insanely detailed Gotham City and solve a crime. A murder at that. That is all I will say though.

The graphics are probably the best I’ve seen in a VR game so far. They aren’t amazing 1080P graphics, but they get the job done of coming from a critically acclaimed game developer. The game truly is pretty on the eyes, just don’t go in expecting 4K graphics.

The game overall feels like you are playing an Arkham game and the detective side of it is all that comes out. There are many side things to kill some time as well. The Batcave is full of things to unlock such as character profiles which can be viewed through a hologram system which brings up a life-sized figure of the character of your choosing. You can literally look Batman in the eyes an inch away from his face and tell him to piss off. There are also weapons from past games you can pick up and view or the multiple vehicles that can be unlocked through Riddler trophies. The game doesn’t fall short of content for the 20- dollar price point, however once again the story itself is just too short.

The game does have replay value though as I stated with the Riddler trophies but it is also just a fun game to return to every once in a while, and breathe some of that fresh VR Gotham air in.
Overall, Batman: Arkham VR is a success in my book. For 20 dollars, you can’t really go wrong with Rocksteady. Sure, the game is short but the gameplay, storyline, and side things to do make up for it in the end. IF I had to choose any VR game to recommend to a beginner, it would be this one due to the great atmosphere and use of VR controls. It really leaped me into the VR scene and made me hope that more games are like this in the future. Here’s to hoping that Skyrim VR plays just like and if it does it’ll be a hit for Vr users for sure. Even though Skyrim has been released about a dozen times, the game still looks impressive in VR and honestly sheds new light on the capabilities of the hardware. Batman: Arkham VR opens the door for multiple VR possibilities and I pray that other developers notice it.

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