Down the Hatch!: Slime-san Review

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Down the Hatch!: Slime-san Review

It’s always a pleasure to come back to an indie title after focusing on larger budget productions for a while. Not only did I cut my teeth on indie games, but there’s something so much more pure about them than the stuff that comes out of the bigger studios. Perhaps more of these games are created solely for the love of the medium, rather than as a byproduct of a corporation, or maybe I’m overthinking this. Either way, this brings us to today’s game, Slime-san.

Slime-san epitomizes what I previously mentioned; it’s a minimalist title that offers an adorable lead character and is unlike what you’d find from a major studio. The entire premise of the game revolves around out lead, Slime-san, trying to escape from the body of the giant worm that swallowed him in the game’s opening moments. From here, Slime-san must navigate through a series of increasingly difficult rooms as he tries to escape without being digested. It’s simple and wont be winning any awards for its premise but it’s all the story a game like this needs.

Taking some inspiration from Super Meat Boy, you must control Slime-san as he makes his way through the worm’s body. There’s plenty of platforming and wall climbing to be had, though the game never gets quite as difficult as the aforementioned Super Meat Boy. New mechanics will be introduced as your make your way through the game, adding to the complexity of the stages. This helps shake up the game play, while also helping you finish previous stages more quickly if you’re interested in tackling the time attack aspect of the title.

The game’s presentation reminded me a lot of what you’d see from a computer in the eighties. The screen is comprised of a single color with a few other shades here and there to give the stages a little personality. It’s an interesting choice for ascetics and it will certainly standout to those who grew up with one of these older computers. I just hope you like blue, because you’ll be seeing plenty of it during your time with Slime-san.

The sound is also very well done, and the music pieces in the game are quite catchy. Of course, with this being a minimalist title, there isn’t a lot of variety in the music, but what’s here is fantastic, and I found it to be rather enjoyable to listen to as I made my way deeper into the depths of the worm’s belly.

At the end of the day, Slime-san offers up some fun and addicting game play. The game offers a near perfect difficulty curve, allowing you to slowly learn the game’s main mechanics at a comfortable pace, rather than throwing it all at you at once. Slime-san is a lovingly crafted platformer made by a team who clearly loves the genre and old computer games. It’s aesthetic should be instantly recognizable to anyone who grew up in the late eighties or early nineties, and it offers a charm you simply don’t see in gaming often enough anymore. Slime-san is a treat and something that I recommend for PC and Switch owners alike. If you’re looking for an enjoyable experience with a cute mascot character, look no further than Slime-san.

  • Release Date: 4/7/2017
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