Today is His Birthday: Friday the 13th: The Game Review

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Friday the 13th: The Game is the result of a highly successful Kickstarter launch that left many fans drooling at the fact of a modernized hide and seek version of a beloved horror franchise. The game well exceeded its goal on Kickstarter and released some goodies to the backers of the game, such as a customized Jason skin that players are now selling on eBay for over 500 dollars. In the end, however, is the game as successful as it’s Kickstarter campaign? I’ve played hands on with the game and I would be more than happy to tell you my thoughts, so here we go!

F13: The Game is a Dead by Daylight style of game where several players are pitted against one player who controls Jason, the killer obviously. There are 3 maps for the players to choose from, or set to randomize and multiple different counselor options ad also Jason options. These different options come with their different benefits and clothes, besides Jason who comes only with the clothes that he is wearing on the skin, however he does come with benefits.

The gameplay is average at best. First off, if it hadn’t have been for my brother telling me the controls and mechanics of the game, I more than likely wouldn’t have figured them out and would have been scrambling all over the place and eventually this would lead to my death.  Instructions just aren’t there; however they give you long details on the mechanics of the game, they just never specify on how to actually use these mechanics button mapping wise.

Secondly, the game is riddled with bugs and glitches, however I am trying to keep my bickering on this to a minimum as the game was only made by 7 people I believe. I support the company for doing what they did and making this game for the desires of the fans, but in my opinion, they shouldn’t have released it so early. The game was anticipated and anticipated and I think it was just a big ole mistake releasing it as early as they did. There is a story mode expansion coming to the game during the summer and I think they should have just waited, fixed the bugs, ran more tests, and then released the game as a full package.
The graphics on this game are no better than any indie game would be and that is exactly what this game is, just a highly popular and funded indie game. The one truly awful and gut-wrenching feature to this game’s looks are the terrible facial animations. People complained about Mass Effect: Andromeda’s facial animations being terrible, but obviously have not seen these. Once again, 7 people. Anyway, the plus side is the maps and the way Jason looks. The maps are highly accurate to the screen material from the films. The cabins look great, the lake looks great and the atmospheric scenery is at a peak. I haven’t seen something that was in the map other than the characters and just thought it was pure ugly looking.

The music and sound effects are great as well. The music was pulled straight out of the films and it is marvelous, however the game tends to overuse the music and sounds that it gets quite annoying after a while. I would like for the music to be dumbed down just a tad and it would be perfect and there would be no complaints from me. The sounds of teens being viciously murdered as their friends watch and scream in terror is quite nice, as well.
Now onto the MacDaddy of the game, the gameplay. Boy, this gameplay is something else. Now, as I said I’m not going to hate too much, but the gameplay is just weird. It’s so simple that its weird. Is that weird? The clunkiest experience comes from playing Jason, and apparently pre-patch gameplay was much worse. The game pits you trying to find the 8 other counselors with as an overpowered Jason Voorhees. Now, I get it, this is the point of the game but when Jason can teleport, become invisible, sense where players are and even use traps and kill them instantly once he knows where they are?  That’s overpowered.

Granted, the counselors do have a chance to escape, however it’s a multiple step process. You can escape by car, boat or calling the police and even calling in a dead or escaped team mate to play as Tommy Jarvis will help if you try to kill Jason, which can be done after a crucial process. Also, the counselors do get a chance to escape once grabbed by Jason, however the tiny tiny tiny gap that you have to escape just isn’t enough unless you have the right perks, which fortunately cannot be bought. Overall, the gameplay isn’t too bad, but with Jason being a tad overpowered and the movements being clunky, it does make it a pain in the ass at times.

Friday the 13th: The Game was a huge success in the amount of daily active users and sales numbers, but the game lacks in many areas that quickly need to be fixed. I will give a round of applause to the devs though because they have released many patches to fix the game and that is dedication to a loved project. The game’s matchmaking is just terrible so I hope you have friends or can find a group on the internet or your console because otherwise you will be waiting for a while. Overall, the game’s clunky gameplay and amazing atmosphere are enough to have a good time with your friends or make friends with strangers. The games fast paced and sometimes slow-paced gameplay can make a game or break it and in F13, it does both to be exact. If you’re looking for a fun multiplayer game to jump into F13 might be your game, or you can also wait and try out Dead By Daylight’s PC version or console version which drops this month until F13 can tweak the bugs. Let me know what you guys are thinking about F13 and until next time!

  • Release Date: 5/26/2017
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