Get Grabbed!: Arms Global Test Punch Impressions

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Today was the first day of Arms’ Global Testpunch. My roommate and I went online to try out the game with me playing Master Mummy and him playing Ribbon Girl. The quality of this beta was a pleasant surprise as we only had one problem with lag the entire time. We also got over 100 points in the lobby, but that’s a story for another occasion. Here is are the most important things I learned about the beta.



Surprisingly responsive. I was using the joycons, and my roommate was using the pro controller. I never really had a problem with responsiveness. The only issue I had was grab coming out when I just wanted to one arm to punch immediately after the other one. The controller layout on joycons made sense, and I had no problems doing anything I needed to do. The motion controls never messed up the entire time I played.

My roommate said the pro controller layout was “amazing.” He also described the controls as “very responsive.” Neither of us ever complained about the controls the entire time we played.

My roommate and I were a team, but that doesn’t mean we’d always get to fight together. Sometimes we’d be a team for a 2v2, whether it was fighting or volleyball, or sometimes one of us would have to sit out a 2v2 since our partner would be someone else in the lobby. It would also do 1v1s and triple threats where one of us would have to sit out. However, whenever one of us would get a match alone, the next match would be the other one, so it does alternate. That means everyone plays an even amount of matches, which is thoughtful. Still, wish it wouldn’t have split us up though.

1v1 Battle


This game mode was responsive and fun. It never felt unfair, and I always enjoyed this game mode. My highlight for the 5/26 Testpunch was grabbing a Ribbon Girl five times in a row for the win. The 3D shimmy works online, and I was so happy that I was able to get that. This game mode is tied for my favorite.

2v2 Battle


This was a fun game mode with a twist. Both members of a team are connected via a ribbon so they can’t move too far away from each other. Also when one member gets grabbed, it sends the other teammate flying since they’re attached. Grabs are incredibly powerful in this game mode and can set up a team kill very quickly. It was still a lot of fun though, although it was way more fun when I was on a team with my roommate.

2v2 V-Ball


This is the other game mode tied for my favorite. This makes volleyball super hype in the same way Rocket League made soccer super hype. It was definitely way more fun when my teammate was my roommate. However, unlike the 2v2 battle, it has a way less chance of ending badly if your teammate is a random who just isn’t on the same page. I had so much fun with this mode, and I’m definitely looking forward to playing it again.

Triple Threat (1v1v1)


I hate this game mode so much. It’s too chaotic to really have fun. Someone will always be in the middle, and that person will always lose. If you’re not playing a character with high mobility, just expect to lose this game mode. You can try to strategize through this, but it will just inevitably end up a 1v2 and then whoever has the most health left after the 1v2 usually wins. This game mode felt the least skilled based and really unfair.

Character / Arms


I play Zangief. I felt right at home with this grappler character. His throws do a lot of damage; he heals by blocking and has super armor depending on the arm. This character is every grappler’s dream. I hit like a truck and throw harder.



This is the big slow wrecking ball arm. It’s slow but it when it hits, it really hits. Does the most damage out of all the arms, and definitely the Arms you want to use if you just want to be a tank. Double Megaton was my favorite against the super mobile characters since you just super armor through their hits and hit them for a lot. It also deals a lot of damage in rush mode. A successful Megaton rush switches the tide of battle and just eats so much health out of your opponents.



This Arm is a pretty fast triple punch. It shoots out what looks like three nerf darts, any of which can hit your opponent, or all 3 for great damage. It’s perfect for throwing out to just catch an opponent who is running away or just tossing it out to beat out a grab. It shined in the V-Ball mode for me since any of the darts could hit the ball to keep it up. It’s definitely utility but will be vital in individual matchups.



This Arm is a bird that launches from your punch and does a boomerang motion back to you. I used it catch people who were dodging my megaton by dashing left or right since either option would get hit by the arch. It definitely has its uses, and it can lead to some really nasty set-ups.

Final Thoughts


Arms was exponentially better and more hype than I ever anticipated it to be. I played with my roommate since the Switch at the house is his, but this game has got me wanting to buy a Switch. I never thought the game would be fun enough to be Switch seller, but it is, at least to me. The controls were responsive, and the variation was nice. It also seems to be balanced pretty well, except for triple threat matches. Arms definitely has and deserves a spot in the fighting game community, and I can’t wait for the game to actually release.

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