Cult Controversy: Farcry 5 Preview

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Rarely will I defend a move that Ubisoft makes, but I can’t help but support them in Far Cry 5. For those who don’t know, the game is receiving some harsh criticism and push back in regards to the villains of the game. A petition has even made to change the villains.

The villains are the Seed family, and their cult, Eden’s Gate. The cult seems to be a Christian cult based on them only referring to one God, and using a capital “G” to spell it. The cult also refers to “The Gates” which is very common Christian terminology.

The cult’s symbol bares resemblance to the Nazi Iron Cross as well. I believe it’s because the book “Eden’s Gate,” is about foiling a Nazi plan. Also a theme of the game seems to be sheep following a leader or never follow someone blindly. The Nazi symbolism also plays to this for obvious reasons.  

The game takes place in modern day Montana, USA. The cult has taken over a section of the state called Hope County. A recent polygon article confirmed the underlings for the villains would be “stereotypical rural Americans.”

What are some of the complaints about the game?

  • The villains are everyday Americans

  • The main villains(the family) are all white

  • It’s a Christian cult

  • It is set in America

Villains are everyday Americans

I’m actually totally cool with this decision. I think it adds to the narriative of the game, and applies to modern day America very well. It shows that Americans need to be careful in blindly following anyone or any one ideology. This is a grim warning that is definitely socially applicable, and I enjoy that the game is not afraid to push boundaries. Whether the implementation will actually be as much of a social commentary or tasteful as I hope it will be is yet to be seen though. However, the fact that the villains have gotten us talking shows that it’s working as a sobering tool already.


The main villains are white

Well considering they’re all one family, and in rural Montana, them being all white is actually the most likely coincidence. In 2010, white people made up 89.4 percent of the population and the estimation in 2017 is 89.2 percent, according to the census. Plus there is an African American at the table on the cover so he’s probably with the Seed family. The former pastor of the county is also African American and considering that Montana’s 2010 African American population was 0.4 percent and the estimation is 0.6 percent, seems about on target those numbers also from the Census Bureau.


It’s a Christian Cult

It’s a nice change of pace from the real world. We always hear about Islamic extremism to the point where it seems people believe that’s the only form of extremism. This game is breaking that mold by showing that Christians can also be extremists, and I appreciate that. Every religion has extremists, and that’s a message a lot of people need to remember. It’s also nice to see the cults making their big return as villains. Russians, businessmen, and dictators have been really prominent lately, and were getting really stale.

I support Ubisoft’s decision regarding the antagonists and the villains make me want to experience the game more. I am excited to see where the story, and the villains, take me when the game comes out.


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