PlayStation E3 Media Showcase: Hype in its Purest Form

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The Sony conference at E3 has always been one of the more hyped up conferences of the expo. Sony released a great lineup of gameplay and trailers. Some of these games being exclusives, some not, however, they all look great. Sony released multiple game trailers, so we have a lot to cover in this article. So, sit back and bear with me as we see if Sony made their conference worthwhile!

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a highly anticipated spin-off to the loved franchise, Uncharted. The game does not feature Nathan Drake or Sully, however, focuses on Chloe from previous games in the series. This game was announced at the 2016 PSX conference, and since then fans have been begging for more footage and a release date. The game released both at E3 and will be releasing in August and also dropped a new trailer, so if you haven’t seen that go check it out!

Horizon: Zero Dawn The Frozen Winds DLC



Since its launch, Horizon: Zero Dawn has been praised as one of the best PlayStation exclusive games and has sold over 3 million copies to high critical success. Guerilla Games has seen this and wanted to give more content for the game to players and released a trailer for the first DLC, The Frozen Winds. The trailer does not show much. However, judging by the title and footage will be based solely in the snowy parts of the game. Not much detail was released about the add-on. However, I highly recommend you check it out if you’re as big of a fan of the game as I am!

Days Gone


I was hoping that this game would have been saved as either the finale or close to it. However it was the third game highlighted, but oh well, nothing I can do there. Days Gone was announced at last year’s E3 I believe and since then players have been all over it as it dropped after E3 2016 and nothing was said about it. It has finally made a second appearance at this year’s conference, and it doesn’t disappoint. They debuted about 6 minutes of gameplay which looks intense. The game looks as if it will resemble The Last of Us gameplay mechanics wise and the story looks fascinating as well. The game’s footage was not followed up with a release date. However, it can probably be aimed towards early 2018 like most games that were showcased tonight are.

Monster Hunter World


I can say this right off the bat, I have never played a Monster Hunter game in my life. However, the new game caught my interest. I appreciated the styles of the monsters that were previewed, the setting, and the gameplay mechanics. This game could for sure be put on my want list. The game was revealed with a gameplay trailer and will be released in early 2018!

Shadow of the Colossus


Yes, they are remaking Shadow of the Colossus. This game was a game of my childhood, and it will never be let down by a simple remaster. Some were expecting this game; Some were not but either way it seems the fans are excited about this one and I am as well! The game is set to be released in 2018, as well.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite


When this game got announced, many fans were not expecting this one to come from left field. It shocked many fans as the devs pretty much made it clear that there wouldn’t be another game, but here we are. The game looks great. I have played a bit of MvC, and I can say I had a great time in the little time I did play the games. I will probably pick up the game as my fighting game itch just hasn’t fully been covered by Injustice 2, so we will see what happens! The game is set to be released on September 19th of this year!

Call of Duty: WWII


This game is a haphazard. With the previous entries in the COD series, it’s no wonder they decided to go back to what the fans love, especially with the high success of Battlefield 1. With a new trailer released with some gameplay thrown in, the game is looking solid. I will be picking it up myself as I am a fan of the older Call of Duty settings and not such a fan of the highly futuristic games they have been delivering to us. Here’s to hoping it will be a great one! The game is set to be released on November 3rd of this year!

Skyrim VR

Bethesda came out of left field at the Sony conference, and Skyrim VR was born. I think this is a cool idea, though Skyrim is a bit milked at this point and especially at this E3 with the Switch version being announced just the night before. I think the VR aspect is cool, and I would like to try it out, but according to sources who have had hands-on with the game, the controls aren’t that great. It requires teleportation movement with the Move controllers, however, can be played with smooth movement using the Dualshock 4. I don’t know if Skyrim VR is a good idea or an awful one, but I am excited to see where it goes. The game was not followed up with a release date, so hold on and wait for Bethesda to send word.

Star Child VR

One thing to say about this conference is that they really wanted to highlight their new VR games and I think this is great. Not much has been said about the future of PSVR, so I believe it was a great addition. A new game called Star Child was announced, and it looks interesting, however, doesn’t really catch my interest. Not much was said about the game, which is unfortunate for VR players as they probably wanted some detail on the game. I’m not sure if it came with a release date so digging around on Google would be the best bet for this game!

The Inpatient


Until Dawn was one of the better horror games I have played in a few years, so naturally I have mad respect for Supermassive Games. Well, a new game with their logo game out and it looks intense. The game looks like a psychological horror game in VR set in a mental asylum. Once again, not much was said about this game either, but if Supermassive has anything to do with it, I’m on board. Also, once again, I am not sure if the game has a release date yet, but if I had to guess, all of the VR games are probably slated for holiday this year!

Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep VR

This came as a bit strange to me. Out of all the things to do in FFXV, they chose to bring a VR fishing game. No monster hunting, no exploring, but a fishing game. It looks fun enough, but the premise still stands that there is so much to do with an FFXV VR add-on, and I just don’t think fishing is that thing.

Bravo Team VR

A game set in the military in VR and…. it’s made by Supermassive Games, as well. It looks pretty cool; however, I feel as if this game would make me feel dizzy and get motion sickness. It looks fast paced with guns firing, explosions and the basic FPS game stuff. I would have to wait to see more on this one, but as of now, I’m iffy.

Moss VR

This game looked cool, in fact, it looked like one of the most interesting VR games shown. It seems as if you play as a mouse in this mouse kingdom. Yes, that sounds a bit crazy but hear me out. The gameplay is vivid and looks colorful and just looks like a cartoon. I go crazy over stuff like that, and I’m interested to see what happens with this game.

God of War


Onto the final showcases, and yes, I know I left a lot of detail out of the VR section, but honestly there just wasn’t much information to share with you guys. Of course, God of War made an appearance, and it didn’t disappoint me. With about a 5-6-minute gameplay trailer, it looks as if it’s shaping up nicely. The crowd goes silent as a boat is rowing its way towards an island it seems, the character paddling is unknown until…it’s Kratos! The crowd hoots and hollers as their favorite PS2 character comes back to life and steals the show. Once again, it looks great. I believe the newest addition to the series has the potential to be the best in the franchise, but we can only hope! God of War is currently slated for an early 2018 release!

Detroit Become Human

I will admit, this game just looks cool. But that’s it. The graphics look amazing as it was revealed that the trailer shown was in-game footage. I’m not so hooked on the whole ‘android revolution’ kind of thing. I will play it, yes, but it really isn’t on the top of my wish list. The game is focused around androids who decide to fight back against the humans who primarily use them for props. The trailer was filled with cool scenes, good voice acting and some drama. The game looks like it will have potential, but I’m just personally not too sure about it.

Destiny 2


Imagine that, a game that is highly advertised by Sony for its PlayStation Exclusives getting advertised more at E3. I love Destiny, and I am hyped for Destiny 2. However, I don’t know why Sony was the only one to show footage of the game. Kulture Shocked’s very own Derek Mcleod and I were discussing as to why companies decide to highlight games that aren’t exclusive games. Like yes, Destiny 2 looks great, and all but people probably watched the Sony conference as Xbox players and thought, “Wow, that looks good. Can’t wait to play it on my Xbox!”. Oh well, besides that Destiny 2 looks great and I am super excited. The game is set to release on September 6th with beta drops soon so don’t miss those dates, Guardians!


Finally! Gameplay to Insomniac’s Spiderman PS4 exclusive game has been revealed, and I think it is safe to say it didn’t disappoint. I don’t want to jump too much into it, but wow, the gameplay is great. Go check it out on YouTube if you haven’t already and see for yourself. The gameplay looks smooth, web slingy, and cinematic all at the same time. I for one cannot wait to jump into the game and play as everyone’s favorite neighborhood friendly hero! The game is slated to release in 2018!

Overall, Sony had a better conference then my last coverage, Bethesda. Sony just showed more interesting stuff to me such as Day’s Gone, Spiderman, and God of War. However, I must dock points for the poor presentation and the fact that I knew of every game that was going to be in the final showcases. The presentation was just a long ass video with trailers back to back…like Bethesda which I hated. Also, yes, I knew Spiderman was going to be there, yes I knew The Last of Us 2 wasn’t going to be there, yes I knew God of War was going to be there and so on. Nothing came as a surprise to me other than Skyrim VR which I wasn’t expecting at all. I expect E3 to show us new and exciting things and we just get the stuff we already knew was going to be there. Oh well, maybe next year will be better because overall this E3 was just ‘okay’. I hope everyone enjoyed E3 this year and join us here at Kulture Shocked next year to see what is in store! Thank you for reading all our Kulture Shocked E3 Coverage posts, and we love you all and appreciate the support! Until next time gamers!

Rating: B

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