Destiny 2: It’s a Good Thing

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Everybody in the gaming industry has heard of Bungie’s Destiny. Once upon a time, Destiny was exaggerated up to be one of the best games of the generation. Once the game launched, however, things went sideways. The game was riddled with problems such as a bland linear story, bad character development and repetitive quests and gameplay. Nonetheless, this didn’t stop millions of gamers from playing it and they still do honestly; I am part of this player base. Now, recently Bungie came out and released two teaser trailers and a release date for Destiny 2. I, for one, am very excited about the sequel, but after the disaster, the first one went through, will people play it? I am going to discuss a few reasons on why Destiny 2 will be a much better game than the first and why it is a good thing to happen.

First off, the reason that the first game took such a hard hit was due to Activision taking over and firing Bungie’s lead story writer and wiping his work from the game, which explains the bland story. Most everything that Destiny was hyped up for was just gone, and that is what outraged many players. Through the years though, Bungie released paid DLC expansions to further the game, which I can say have improved the game greatly. The Taken King was the biggest of them all. TTK was shown by Bungie to be a game changer. Literally. TTK changed everything about Destiny, the UI, the story, weapons, and gear, it was just a completely different experience. Right after this came Rise of Iron, and it practically did the same thing and it was glorious.

All of this aside, Destiny, in the end, was a magnificent game. So here is why I believe Destiny 2 will achieve this from the start rather than after multiple expansions.

Bungie has a way of gaining the lead over a game with its sequel. The Halo games are a good example of this. This is the way it should always be, right? A sequel is supposed to take the problems of the first game and advance and work with them to make the sequel even better. This is how I feel Bungie will do with Destiny 2.

Now onto why Destiny 2’s announcement and the game as a whole is a good thing. Bungie has stated that the first Destiny will still be playable and updated and I guarantee thousands will still play it, but the whole point of the sequel is to improve and therefore most players will buy Destiny 2. People need to move on from the first game and give the second a try, even with their doubts of the sequel and here’s why. Bungie knows what went wrong with the first Destiny and it’s a big strike to their name when gamers praise them due to Halo but after their ‘supposed’ massive project Destiny released, gamers insult them. A game developing company knows better than to follow up with another disappointing game, ESPECIALLY Bungie. This is why Destiny 2 is a good thing. It’s a leap away from the first game, and even though they have tried and, in my opinion, succeeded in making it a better game, it will always be known as ‘That one Bungie game’. It is a little soon to project what Destiny 2 will be like, but I’m hoping for something good and I hope Bungie doesn’t make me regret sticking up for them in this article. I have hopes for Bungie, especially after going through and revamping the first game after the massive disappointment it was in the beginning. Now, was it a little harsh to charge money to give us a game that should’ve been released at launch? Sure, but that is how Bungie knows if the player base is paying attention. You can’t just toss out free massive updates like TTK and ROI and expect the revenue to flow in. You must advertise and make sure the fan base knows you have listened.

As I have said, I am hoping that Destiny 2 is a massive hit and gives us everything that is promised. I’m hoping for massive changes, as well as new additions. Space battles, a vast universe, interesting lore and especially a great story. Bungie has the capability and I am thinking that they know what to do on this one. Let me know what you think KultureCaders, and until next time, Happy Gaming Guardians!

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