“Be Kind… Rewind”: Resident Evil 7 DLC Review

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If you have read my Resident Evil 7 review, you will see that I absolutely fell in love with this game. Of course, I was hyped about the upcoming DLC and am still hyped about the future DLC to come. Resident Evil 7 has dropped two DLC packs so far, and both are tremendous. The first titled ‘Banned Footage Vol. 1’ and the second titled ‘Banned Footage Vol. 2’, which dropped on February 14 for PS4 February 21 for PC and Xbox One. So, I will continue to break down the DLC packs individually and give a final score at the end, so let’s go! Banned Footage Vol.1

The first pack of Banned Footage includes two VHS tap scenarios, ‘Bedroom’ and ‘Nightmare’ and an extra game mode titled ‘Ethan Must Die’.


Bedroom takes you on a heart pounding puzzle adventure playing as Clancy from the Derelict House Footage earlier in the game consisting of the mother of the Baker family, Marguerite, tying you to a bed and trying to feed you grub not even a pig would eat. Your goal is to escape the room! Simple enough, right? Nope. You must find ways to help you escape the room which consists of you moving things in the room around, but there’s a catch.

Certain events will cause Mrs. Baker to hear you and run back up to the room. You have a small timer lasting around a minute and you must use this time to put everything back where you found it or Mrs. Baker gets pissed off and hurts you. If she hurts you too many times, you will die and must begin the puzzle over again.

I loved the ‘Bedroom’ footage most out of the first pack. It shows the true potential of survival horror and brings back nostalgia of the good ole Resident Evil puzzles. ‘Bedroom’ is a great addition to an already great game, so don’t miss out, or Mrs. B will get ya!


‘Nightmare’ is a bit different from ‘Bedroom”. This mode sends you into a horde mode type of game. You are thrown into the Baker estate’s basement with a large amount of time to survive against the Molded until the clock strikes the given time. This mode was fun, although I have yet to finish this game mode as I have been short on time, but nonetheless it is a good time killer and a good way to practice your skills in a way.

Ethan Must Die’

Here is where things get a little more serious. ‘Ethan Must Die’ throws you back into one of the most difficult boss fights in the game, the greenhouse boss fight. However, this mode makes you scavenge the mansion that just so happens to be filled with different types of enemies such as Molded, 4 legged Molded and Fat Molded. Each item is completely randomized each time you play the mode, so you cannot learn the locations of each item and run and grab it. Now, as if grabbing the necessities for survival wasn’t hard enough, you must then take these items and fight Marguerite in the greenhouse and the difficulty level spikes even more than the games core Madhouse mode. If you can complete this, then you have my salutations. I also have not completed this game mode, but only because once again, I have been short on time lately. I plan to try to jump back in and take on Mrs. B, but the last time it was calculated, Capcom stated that only a little over 5,000 players have completed the game mode, and this is out of a calculated one million players, all of which may or may not have the DLC packs. Nonetheless, the odds of completing the mode on a couple of tries is highly unlikely, unless of course you look up a guide for the mode, then the odds change. Good luck players, you’re going to need it!

Banned Footage Vol. 2

The second pack of footage contains 2 VHS tapes and once again, another added game mode for time killing.


The name of this footage is self-explanatory. The footage once again puts you in the shoes of Clancy, who is now in the hands of Lucas, the son of the family, and gets thrown into a maniacal game of blackjack with a character who is unknown other than his name. Instead of money, however, you bet with your life! Exciting, right? I thought so, as well. This game mode also has different difficulties to unlock once you complete one after the other. I have only played the original difficulty and plan to play the others, but this game mode really caught my interest. There are perks that get thrown into the game to benefit your game and try to survive. I may be the only one, but once I heard that this was going to be a poker minigame, I flipped out! Resident Evil 7 mixed with a poker minigame? How could someone not be all over that. The only thing I would’ve loved more than what was given is if you played the game against Jack Baker, as he was my favorite of the bunch. ‘21’ had me raging and my heart pounding, but I enjoyed every minute.


This DLC is not only my favorite of all of them, but is also one of the most interesting DLCs I have ever played. I should have mentioned in my review for this game that from the moment I started the game I really wanted to see the Bakers before all hell broke loose on them. Well, my wish came true and that’s exactly what this is…well, kind of. This DLC puts you into the shoes of Zoe, the daughter of the family, and shows you her story before Eveline came along and corrupted the Bakers. (SPOILER ALERT) This DLC picks up right after Jack Baker finds Eveline on the wrecked ship in the bayou. As soon as this DLC starts, Jack walks through the door with Evie in his arms and the DLC starts here. (SPOILERS OVER) There is not much I can say on this DLC without the whole thing being spoiled, but if you have read my Resident Evil 7 review, you will know I absolutely love the Bakers and I honestly felt bad for them, and this DLC sheds light and honestly is emotional to see Eveline come in to these good people’s lives and wreck it all. The only thing I found wrong with this content was the length. It only took me about 35-40 minutes to complete the content twice and get both endings, however I enjoyed every single minute of it.

Jacks 55th Birthday’

It gets a little strange on this one. It seems like after all the seriousness Resident Evil 7 delivers, they wanted to throw in a little comic relief, and it comes with this content. This mode requires you to literally run around the different stages, which are locations from the main game, and pick up food and feed Jack. Yep, you read that right. There is silly music playing, the enemies are wearing stupid hats and helmets and the whole game mode seems to be taken as a joke, at least for me it was. But the thing is, its super fun. I loved that there was a new and fun game mode that strayed away from the seriousness and horror form the core game. You can challenge yourself and get rankings by completing the stages in a certain amount of time and rewards and power-ups you can unlock, as well. You should at least check this out. This and ‘Daughters’ makes this pack worth buying alone.

These packs are incredible add-ons that are worth the 9.99 USD price tag, or 29.99 USD for the season pass, which is what I purchased. Each of these packs have content that are highly enjoyable. The second pack in my opinion was better than the first just from ‘Daughters’ alone, but again, this is personal opinion. Once again, the only problem I found with the DLCs were the length. They are not very long, but the game modes are meant to be played on and off when you’re bored or want to play something other than the main game. My final say is that these packs are worth the money if you are a Resident Evil 7 Fan. Until next time, keep on gaming my fellow gamers!

  • Release Date: 2017
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