Final Round: Super Turbo 20th Anniversary Edition EX

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Let me immediately start by saying Final Round XX was leaps and bounds better than FR 19. The larger venue made all the difference since last year it was so cramped it was hard to be organized. I had my doubts about the venue this year since it was just an exhibition hall, but it proved to be vastly roomier than I had anticipated. Even though attendance was down from last year, there still would have been plenty room in the venue even if the same sized crowd would have shown up.

The staff that I talked to and interacted with were not only very helpful but also extremely nice. Shout outs to the staff for doing a wonderful job this year, although the intercom could use some work. It was hard to understand sometimes in the middle of all the hype.

The way the venue was laid out was also nice, and very intuitive. Nothing really felt cramped next to something else, except people when pools happened. Melee, Smash for WiiU, and Pokken were in the back across from the arcade, which felt slightly smaller. Moving to the front, Mortal Kombat X would be on your left and main stage on your right. Then the anime fighters featuring Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, and UMVC3 on your left with SFV on your right. Finally, across from registration on your right was For Honor and Brawlhalla.



Personally, I got bopped 0-2 in my pools, but I did beat EG K-Brad in a game of Rock Paper Scissors. On a more serious note, pools felt a lot better this year. This year it felt like players were given ample time to show up instead of just one call, and then a DQ. The two-day system for SFV meant that we weren’t packed in like sardines, which felt amazing in itself. I was extremely happy with how my TO handled my pool, and none of my friends have complained about the TOs they had, so I’d say that’s a success for a tournament.



The arcade area this year felt smaller, I don’t know if it actually was, though. I hated how much Street Fighter there was at it, though. I think about six cabinets out the probably 20 cabinets were Street Fighter. I had a lot of fun at the arcade even though most of my time was spent on Windjammers, I did leave with a winning record by the way. Fate/Unlimited Codes was at the arcade and was a huge blast to play. Totally going to try and pick it up even though it was only released for PSP outside of Japan.



The biggest con was that there was no live commentary for people watching at Final Round. While I realize this is probably because all the games were in one room, I wished I would have had some commentary. The rest of my cons for my Final Round trip weren’t the fault of anyone at Final Round, to be honest.

Final Thoughts


I know this has been short for a review of a major, but that just means that it was a good major. I haven’t really had anything on the fault of Final Round to complain about. I left FR 19 salty at the experience, but I left FR XX happy that I had gone. I liked my experience this year and would recommend people to go to Final Round.

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