How PlayStation Changed the Gaming Industry

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It all started on December 3, 1994. The Sony PlayStation was released. It is pretty safe to say that Sony hit it on the head with the PlayStation consoles. From introducing the success of disc games to the memory card, the original PlayStation changed everything in the gaming industry and in this article, I will list just a few out of the many reasons why this is the case.



At the time the original PlayStation released, it was a war between Sega and Nintendo, who at this time, both used cartridge games on their consoles. Around this time, the idea of games being sold on discs was a crazy idea. It was thought that it would just never work. That was until the PlayStation released and proved all the naysayers wrong. Look at the gaming industry now; almost every company uses discs…. except Nintendo….poor, poor Nintendo. They are trying though, that’s worth noting.

The Exclusives


This still applies today, and even though Nintendo had Mario and Donkey Kong, the playstation had games that weren’t platformers as exclusives. Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, and the oh so great Crash Bandicoot. These were games that, at the time, changed gaming as whole. Most of these games turned into highly successful franchises and these games came from the original PlayStation. That is pretty impressive that all these games did so well that there are still games of these series being made to this day.

Serious Gaming Approach


The main focus on the PlayStation was the aspect of serious gaming. Of course, the Sega and Nintendo had some serious games, however they mostly focused on a family approach, whereas the PlayStation pointed towards gamers who wanted quality mature games rather than family games. This campaigning brought in a lot of players and it worked so well.

The Amount of Games


This can sort of be referred to the exclusives part of this article, but the amount of games the console had at the time was astonishing, and honestly overwhelming. Every third party company was on board with the console and started roaring out games like it was nothing. Of course, the players cleared out their wallets and jumped all over it, adding to the success of the console.

The Dualshock


Any gamer has probably heard of the Dualshock controller, and for good reason. The controller introduced ‘rumbling’ in the controller synced with the actions in the game. Don’t compare the Nintendo 64’s “Rumble Pak” because they were highly different. The Rumble Pak only used a single motor and was powered by batteries whereas the Dualshock was powered by the power supply to the controller. It added levels of immersion into gaming that was never thought to be done.

Great Graphics


At the time, great graphics like today weren’t even thought of, but the step to make them better was in place and it all started with the playstaion with its extensive use of 3D technology. Looking at a game now and comparing it to games then is obviously an unfair comparison, but at the time the console’s graphics were great and people were highly appreciative and led the graphics where they are today.

Memory Cards


Ahhhh, everyone remembers the day where you grinded a game all night and left your console on for days straight because you didn’t have a memory card, right? I sure do. Well, thanks to Sony, the memory card was introduced for consoles. It made it extremely convenient to game without worry of losing your save data and also if you wanted to pack up and head to a friend’s house it made it super simple that way, as well. The memory card worked for a long time, until internal hard drives came along and the memory card became non existent, but nonetheless it was still a milestone in gaming.

Blu-Ray Players


When the PS3 rolled around in 2006, they introduced the feature of a Blu-Ray Player inside the console, rather than a standard DVD player. At the time, it wasn’t that big of a deal, until people started to appreciate HD movie experiences and started upgrading to HDTVs. To this day, Blu-Ray is going strong and probably will for a long time.

Free Online and Multiplayer


Finally comes the free online and multiplayer for the PS3. At this point, the Nintendo and Sega war is in the past and PlayStation is competing with Xbox. You had to pay for online with the Xbox, leaving many players with the obvious choice, however the Xbox did indeed have better servers and it was much better to play on, but nonetheless the PlayStation offered free freaking online, and that was something a lot of players could get behind.

There are many, many more reasons on how the PlayStation changed the industry but these are a few major reasons. If any of my readers have any insight on the topic, I would love to hear it! From all of us at Kulture Shocked, keep on gaming!

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