Preparing for a Video Game Major

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In about a week I will be attending and participating in Final Round XX, the first Capcom Cup Global Premier Event of the year. While I am going to compete in Street Fighter V, there are many other fighting games there to compete or even just play friendlies in. In light of the recent events, I figured why not create a quick how to for getting prepped and to the major.

Hotel and Transportation

If you’re flying in, you might not want to get your tickets right away since tournaments are announced so far in advance. It can actually be more expensive that way, wait until it’s a couple months before to buy the tickets so they’ll be cheaper, and make sure to buy them in incognito mode or whatever your browser’s equivalent is. Air travel sites use your computer’s cookies to increase the cost.

The hotel room, however, you should reserve as soon as you can. If you’re going solo, as soon as you can reserve it, do it. If you’re going with a group, like me, get your group together and reserve it as soon as you have the money. There are also choices when it comes to hotels. You can stay at the same hotel as the venue which means more money, usual, but you’ll able to go things from your room or relax in your room whenever. You also save money on gas and parking, if you’re driving to the event.

You can also get a room off venue, like I did. It’s usually cheaper, I’m paying $65 a night instead of $100+. You can save a lot of money this way, but make sure that the hotel is still relatively close to the venue, for example mine is only half a mile from the venue. One thing to remember is that if you get an off venue hotel, that you will be spending most of the time at the venue so you really just need a place to lay your head when you’re dead tired, which means you don’t have to strive for the best ranked hotel. Whichever hotel option you choose is up to personal preference.

What to bring

First of all, bring a bag to carry whatever controller you use in, whether it be a fightstick, hitbox(RIP smash career), a GameCube controller, a pad, etc. Make sure to bring enough clothes for the trip and probably a spare set or two. Bring toiletries, like deodorant. That’s very important. You will need to shower either every night before bed or every morning when you wake up. DO NOT be a person who doesn’t shower for the duration of the tournament. Also, wear deodorant. It’s a bunch of people in a confined space, it’s bound to get musty so don’t let you be the musty one.

As the great lyricist D’Mite once said, “It’s called Speed Stick, it’s not expensive.” So take showers and wear deodorant. Also brush your teeth. No one wants to be distracted by bad breath in bracket or in conversation. This is a gathering of a community, and professionals, remember that.

As far as other things to bring go. Bring water so you don’t have to buy water at the venue because you’re going to need it. Also, if you want to, bring whatever game you’re participating in so you can have a salty suite or practice at your hotel room. If you have a game that isn’t featured, you can still bring a set-up to the venue. They have an area for that, and people love trying new things at these so it’ll probably get some play.

This image pun follows the Dennis Miller Ratio...

This image pun follows the Dennis Miller Ratio…


FGC Presents: Bodied is a Facebook group dedicated to putting those bodied by sleep on blast. Unless you want your picture to be on there and made fun of, don’t fall asleep at the venue. I am guilty of this and will forever live on as “The Dabber”. So just don’t do it. Don’t fall asleep at the venue.

Third most important thing

The first is shower, the second is wear deodorant, and the third is don’t be a dick. People come to these not only as competitors, but also as spectators. Some people come to just have fun, don’t ruin it for them. If someone is trying a game out for the first time whether it be old or new, don’t be that guy. Now, I’m not saying go easy on them. Teach them about the real world, but don’t shove them aside.

These events can help us bring in new blood to the Fighting Game Community. It’s a thing we all love and should strive to grow, but being a dick to people is only going to convince them to not get involved. Remember Capcom said “No thuggery.”

However, feel free to pop off when hype stuff happens. Competitors do not apply under this rule. Note that you will make enemies and maybe rivalries if you are a dick though. It might just get you famous though, who knows?


Final Thoughts

Shower, brush your teeth, and wear deodorant. Please do this. I do not want to spend hours smelling must. Be courteous, don’t stink up the place.


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