Yakuza 0: Quick Look

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The long awaited prequel to the Yakuza series, Yakuza 0 is finally out. Although I haven’t finished the game yet, I have played enough to get a feel for the game and both characters. So let’s take a quick look at the game so far.


The narrative of the Yakuza games has always been a main selling point, but this game’s story is amazing. It is the first game where I’ve actively ignored the side quests just to progress the plot, except for the final chapter in Kiryu’s portion of Yakuza 5. The story follows two characters, Kiryu Kazuma and Goro Majima. Kiryu’s story revolves around his days as a low-level yakuza before he became the “Dragon of Dojima.” While Majima’s story revolves around him and the night club he manages, the Grand Cabaret. I really don’t want to say anything else about the story because everything hits the fan from the beginning.


The gameplay is pretty standard for a Yakuza title. You have an open city that you are free to explore, with both characters. However, this game really closes the world off more often than the past games which I definitely don’t like. However, the new level up and combat system are great. You no longer have to level up using points you get at every new level. You can just level yourself up by using the money you earn through fights, side quests and story missions.

The combat is great as well. Each character has three styles that you can switch between on the fly using the d-pad. It is very similar to switching styles as Dante in Devil May Cry 4. Each style has its own tree to unlock and level up as well as its own masters to unlock exclusive moves with. Each style feels unique and brings about a unique style of play. My current favorite is Kiryu’s Beast mode style.


The in-game cut scenes look amazing as do the models in these cut scenes. The textures of the buildings are only like PS3 era though, and only the important characters get nice models outside of cut scenes. However, these graphical complaints really haven’t detracted from the game so far.

Side quests

The side quests are great in this game, just like in all the other games. They range, so far, from helping a punk band appear to be tough to helping a dominatrix learn how to humiliate customers properly, yeah they get out there. Every side quest so far has been loads of fun though so it’s nice to see they are definitely a warm welcome.

All in all, I’m having a blast getting through Yakuza 0, and it has been well worth the money spent on it and I’m only like 8 hours in. I know the story won’t disappoint since it’s a Yakuza game, but I just hope the rest of game stays this entertaining the entire way through. I’m excited to see what else it has in store for me.


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