“Let Me See Your War Face”: Warface 2016: Black Shark Review

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Prepare yourself to be treated to a cacophony of bullets and death. This is Warface 2016.

Warface 2016: Black Shark is a free to play title from Crytek, the developers of the Crysis series, and publisher Tencent Holdings. Despite being a free to play title, Warface features a plethora of game modes from your standard team deathmatch and free for all modes, to some specialty games types, which adds to the title’s accessibility to players of all skill levels. Prepare to strap yourself in as we delve into the meat of this title.

Team Deathmatch should be instantly familiar to any who has played a first-person shooter in the last twenty years. The objective is simple, as you and your team must reach a specified score within a set time limit. The action is team deathmatch is fast and frantic, and you’ll be kept on your toes as you work to reach the goal and obtain victory. Warface also offers a Free For All mode for the lone wolves out there, where the objective is the same as team deathmatch, but with you going it alone. One thing I enjoyed about FFA is that it uses different maps than TDM, which cuts down on aimless wandering across massive maps, while looking for opponents.

Of course, Team Deathmatch and Free For All aren’t the only modes in Warface, which brings us to Bag and Tag. An homage to Call of Duty’s Kill Confirmed, Bag and Tag has you collecting the dog tags of your opponent’s to have your team earn credit for the kill. While similar to the standard Team Deathmatch, your opponent’s teammates can collect the tags to deny your team the kill, causing the game to require a bit more strategy than your standard TDM mode.

If you aren’t into deathmatch variants, there are even more game types available in Warface, including objective-based modes like Storm and Domination. The numerous game modes offer something for every kind of FPS player and makes sure that, no matter what your playstyle, Warface will make sure that you have something to keep you coming back.

I would be remiss if I wrapped this up without taking about the weapons in the game. Firearms are an integral part of the game and everything from the lowly pistol to the higher end weapons, everything feels like a real gun. The intricacies of the various weapons show that Crytek wants to offer their audience some incredibly detailed weaponry. Crytek shows a level of realism with their product that other games lack, and this has been evident ever since they made the first FarCry titles back in 2004. Additional weapons can be unlocked via a Call of Duty style ranking system or by using microtransaction. Unfortunately, this means that only dedicated players, or those willing to open their wallets, are going to see the high-end items in the game’s arsenal.

Crytek has gone out of their way to craft an enjoyable and accessible free to play title. Featuring the superior design and polish of the studio’s AAA titles, Warface offers incredible feel in its gunplay, vibrant graphics, and top notch sound design. Thanks to this solid foundation and a collection of robust and varied game modes, Warface has a bright future. While I take issue with the presence of microtransactions, the game is more than worth a try, especially with it being free on Steam. Warface 2016: Black Shark offers a solid experience and can easily stand alongside even the best free to play titles on the Steam platform.

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