“Tanks a Plenty!”: Battleline: Steel Warfare Review

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“Tanks a Plenty!”: Battleline: Steel Warfare Review

When a game doesn’t let you call yourself Von Brazendwart, there’s something wrong with it right? Seriously, the name seems appropriate for a game called Battleline: Steel Warfare. Honestly, the name sounds like hard plaque control toothpaste. But make no mistake about it. It is a tank game. But why not call it “Sir Thomas’ Grand Explosion Tank Adventure” (now with more shrapnel).

The controls right out of the gate feel very clunky.  And the tutorial announcer sounds very Canadian. Mouse button should it not be Moose’ button. But there’s a digress here because of the chunkiness of the controls. To control use the ever present WASD keys. W controls forward movement. The swivel of the barrel has trouble matching with the tanks body. It is like a giraffe that moves with bull legs. What is worse is the tutorial treats you the gamer like a third grader. It doesn’t understand you can indeed press buttons. At one point the tank just meandered about by itself, due to W being pressed. If the gamer doesn’t let go, it will continue forward or backward.  This forward momentum can be stopped by pressing the space bar. Of course, this led to my tank going haywire when I was working on this review during gameplay.

During gameplay, there is a point called a “battle line.” This yellow line already seems like it would be a frustrating featuring, even during the tutorial. Rather than have attacking zones the announcer screams the ‘battle line has been interrupted.’ The game treats the player almost as if they don’t know they’re involved in a war.

If the battle line wasn’t annoying enough, the cool down timer for your tank’s is horribly slow. The addition of this cool down timer causes the gameplay to be bogged down tremendously. Just making my way through the game’s tutorial felt like wading through a giant bowl of oatmeal.

Once the player makes their way through the tutorial, they must go through a training mode, making the game feel like more of a slog. Coupling this with the game’s confusing user interface, and it made me want to pull my hair out.

Battleline: Steel Warfare needs a lot of work. The game’s yellow battle line made no sense, and even the basic movement mechanics aren’t without their problems. This game was a mess, and the only way it could have had a chance is with a title like “Sir Thomas’ Grand Explosion Tank Adventure”. However, due to its poor mechanics and frustrating UI, this game turned out to be a clunker.

Final Say: Skip it!

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