“Clicks per Second”: Ragnarok Clicker Review

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“Clicks per Second”: Ragnarok Clicker Review

As awesome as it should sound Ragnarok, no joke, had to have been some incredible warrior from the thunderous era of the lightning children. By lightning children, it should be read as the Vikings. Wrong! It is not the Vikings but the Norse mythology steeped with rippled biceped warriors that threw iron as if it was hay. With that picture, we are treated to a free to play game Ragnarok Clicker.

These games should be referred to as clicker simulators. Why? Because the reason is apparent, it is just that clickity-click. The noise of the mouse Clickity, Clickity, Clickity, Clackity-click. Just look at the crazy avatars that the game offers. The gameplay is relatively straightforward. Just do what that onomatopoeia sound said to do, click.

Be forewarned this is not Diablo, where you the gamer can just wear out the mouse with incessant clicks, one after the other, like ripples in the water. Each ripple connecting to another ripple.  The calm sounds of what seems like grass gracefully sitting still in the background should delight the ears. Though, when playing the game know that Arcana the Novice is your friend. And that is the idea… that the gamer can choose which upgrades will go to any and all heroes.  That is when you choose the upgrade to make damn sure that is where you want it to go or forever suffer the ineptitude of your choices. With any clicking game, it is important to upgrade in a way that makes logical sense. Don’t upgrade like Dr. Weird from Aqua Teen Hunger Force or your head will be replaced with your brain and it won’t be good for any party involved. Nobody wants to have their head where their brain used to be attached. And we digress and move right along.

As the article gains momentum so too does the game Clicker. DOTS or damage or time or times is crucial in the game. So your fingers don’t fall off it is important to understand the games mechanics. In this juncture in time, the mechanics use the DOTS to the gamers’ advantage.  Stop clicking so much and use the DOTS. That means upgrading the heroes and specifically at the start; someone named Mageanger the Mage. If you had a dog named Mageanger the Mage, it would behoove you to let it learn fireball. After all, that’d be a fire breathing mutt but not a Cerberus.  But it would not have three heads but one?

That lets us move on to our next piece of the game. No not running but Acolyting? Wow, that was a horrible joke. We should be shot!  Even though the joke fell on deaf ears, that was a hint at the next heroes’ name.  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! This is the white-haired, forward slumping Acolyte named Eden. What a name!  He costs 250 for an upgrade. How else are you going to progress? You need a little help from Eden. The garden? No, Eden the Acolyte…haven’t you been paying attention? We are progressing and now are on something called Prontera 5. Prontera seems like a poorly crafted shampoo. You can get your Prontera for a stark 500 zeny. Act now. Or maybe don’t. Most of the enemies look like something out of Dragon Quest.  From weird looking pink gumball raindrop guys to armored slugs with green spikes to monkeys and snails. The world of Clicker is a sight to behold.

You the gamer may, in fact, experience some sort of itching. That is addiction kicking in. These games are extremely time-consuming. Just like with Hero Clickers, a game within the genre. But the game holds up fairly well despite some odd design choices in level design. It is highly addicting and will leave you the gamer salivating at the mouth for more. What else do you want to battle? What other levels are there aside from sandy beaches with palm trees and forest pastures? What are other heroes that can be unlocked?  There is a lot of longevity for a free to play game as well. What are you waiting for is a cliché. Download this game and start upgrading heroes, now!

Final Say: Play it!

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