“Making a Mechanical Monstrosity”: Robocraft: Enter the Shredzone Review

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“Making a Mechanical Monstrosity”: Robocraft: Enter the Shredzone Review

Picture this: A robot. Now imagine the robot with a square-shaped body and knives for hands. The robot appears to be made of blocks, and the blades seem to be just a ruse. The robot has glossy orange shoulders and a blue-sided torso. It also has gray sentry guns on its shoulders.

In Robocraft: Enter the Shredzone before the player can begin sculpting a robot, it is important to learn the game’s menus. Inventory and Recycle mostly overlap. Forge is just that; forging different pieces on the robot or melding them together with haste. A social tab to show your creations on Facebook. Leagues represent different team you may join to compete against the best of the best in Roboland.

The Battle Arena will help the gamer achieve this goal, but only after you can acquire 1,000 battle points. The final tab, the factory, deals with pre-built robots. These models offer up some unique combinations but be forewarned. They are incredibly expensive.

Stepping into a virtual arena of robots just screams cool, but it isn’t so simple. Before you can start, you need to learn the intricacies of the inventory system. Opening the inventory menu brings up a tab featuring different aspects of the robot’s design, these include Chassis, Movement, Hardware, Special, and Cosmetic.

The chassis deals with the shape of the robot. Will the robot have a chassis that is fat like a Polar Bear or lean like a mother hen? Will it be a Sonic-inspired robot that moves faster than light, or is horribly slow like granny molasses?  Will it have nano binders? Or futuristic sci-fi lasers? There’s a lot to figure out for being a free to play game. And that’s where Robocraft: Enter the Shredzone makes its mark.

But wait there’s more–

If you are configuring and melding your robot by putting wasp lasers and other cool things, why not test it? Hit T and watch your monstrosity come to life in a test chamber. There are targets to test lasers and even places to jump. Jump by using the space bar and see Mr. Bot hover a couple of feet in the air. Clicking the right mouse button enables a zoom in mode to take down other evil robots left and right.

The game offers up plenty of depth with more modes for your robot to sink its metallic teeth. Team Deathmatch, which includes AI Bots, seems to be the most fruitful. The first team, AI or otherwise, to reach 30 kills wins. It is brutal robot combat. The controls are very easy with maneuverability being the highlight point. Moreover, killing robots is very satisfying.

The game Robocraft is quite interesting because of how it challenges you on the battlefield. Play a strategic game and you’ll be rewarded with epic gear. Play poorly and all you’ll get it is a chance to think about how you can do better in your next match. Robocraft rewards the gamer with creativity and robotic splendor.  Build a defensive robot or go in guns blazing with a kill bot. Either way, build a robot and enjoy yourself.

The depth of the game is almost overwhelming at times, but sifting through which parts need to go on your robot is integral to the game. Thanks to modes like Team Deathmatch and with creativity as its driving force, Robocraft has a surprising amount of longevity. Start building and I’ll see you on the digital battlefield.

Final Say: Play it

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