“Brains in the form of Bread”: BrainBread 2 Review

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“Brains in the form of Bread”: BrainBread 2 Review

Enter a piano and a dead corpse on said piano. With what appears to be a bloody bullet hole in the back of his head. Made from the source engine BrainBread2 takes liberties in the fps genre.  Also, in the game, there is a tab that is black that says profile. Profile is the tab that you indeed click if you want to see the slew of characters, and there is indeed a slew. You have the run of the mill soldier, he is very incompetent and in fact, that is his name. You have a mime! (“The pantomime, nobody knows his real name) then you have other characters like Pantsmen and Joe Washington (Owner of a fireworks store) Laughably bad characters can indeed ease you into the free to play title.

The gameplay is relatively straightforward. Shoot zombies in the face and call them uncle. Remember the last part it will be on the test! Seriously, well thought out maps and unusual weapons utilizing the source engine, just see how far the engine will go.  Press e to pick up weapons, whether it be a sledgehammer calming lying down, a glock calmly waiting for a character to take it and take aim, or just some floaty body armor. Zombies don’t stand a chance living or dead in hell!  When not paying attention do as the Romans do and don’t build cities, no! Turn into the living dead when your health nay, when the health of your lazy sloven soldier, mime or anything else drops to 1%. Bet your britches that you can kill more zombies? Be our guest and give it a whirl. Otherwise, you the gamer may start saying brains!!!! Invariably after the percentage drop. Yeowwwwwwwwwch! Much akin to Gary’s Mod. If you don’t have the specialized textures, big gigantic-ass red letters will say error. That is probably bad, and you’ll want to get the textures to avoid this.

Would you ever tell a zombie “Looks like someone had a rough morning.” Because my character did and it is just nonsensical. It is hilarious in a way the undead will understand. BrainBread 2 has charm. Turning into a zombie is fun because these zombies inherit guns. In fact, one of the little bastards was shooting and ho humming along. Seriously? How does a zombie or Zed acquire a glock? It was mindboggling but file that under Bread 2’s charm.

For being an early access title BrainBread has particular promise. Sure, it is a steam engine game, but it has absurd humor. And people should rally behind it. To the living, we are drawn down with the mundane. Want to shoot a zombie in the face with a glock, or maliciously craft out their head with a bat, much akin to a sharp ice cream scoop scooping out Sherbet in the summer? You’ve come to the right place in BrainBread 2. No, that’s not a Lucille reference. It is good clean bloody fun in the land of the dead. With zombies ambling but making the mimes of the world work for the kill, or that useless soldier.  So far the impression is very sturdy and reliable. And the game, if worked on more, will garner a following but not a ghoulish one because we’ve run out of puns. Feel like living in a world with flesh eating zombies? Don’t understand if you want to join them or kill them? BrainBread2 my friends is for you.

Final Say: Play It

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