An Introduction to Brawl Minus

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Brawl Minus (or Brawl-) is a Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod. It was made to be the antithesis of Brawl Plus, whose developers would go on to make the more famous, spiritual successor, Project M. While PM and Plus sought to balance characters out by tweaking them until they were all on about the same playing field, Minus chose a different path. Minus’s mantra is if everything is broken, then everything is balanced, and that’s what the developers did. Every character in Minus has been tweaked to be overpowered and honestly just completely broken. Some move sets were kept mostly the same with different damage and properties added while other characters have completely new moves.


Before going in how the characters are broken, let’s start off with the overall changes to mechanics.

•    Tripping was removed except if caused by a banana peel.
•    Dash-dancing window lengthened
•    Dashes can be down-smashed and crouch canceled.
•    No stale move negation
•    Every character has a wall jump
•    Lagless edges
•    Air dodging is disabled while tumbling

These are probably the biggest overall changes that have been made to the mechanics of the original Brawl game. Another mechanic added is the press versus hold that some characters have. As the name implies, when pressing the normal (usually A button) or special (usually B button), a different move will be performed than if you were just tapping that button. Notable characters that have this function are Pichu, Ganondorf, Game N Watch, Luigi, and Mario.


Minus adds Roy, Pichu, Mewtwo, and Waluigi. Mewtwo, Pichu, and Roy were all included in the Melee roster but did not return in the vanilla Brawl game. This is Waluigi’s first time in a Smash title, and the devs even gave him his own moveset, complete with a “Wah” move. As far as other characters go, I will touch on some of the bigger changes, a more in-depth article with each character may come at a later date.


  • Warlock Punch now completely ignores shields and does 666 damage.
  • Pressing A will end a suicide Flame Choke early.
  • Air Flame Choke and Wizard Foot will put the opponent in a grounded state.
  • Holding B will result in a new move, Gandouken.
  • Up-B’s hand now has a hitbox while it’s purple, and landing it will lead to a Ganryuken.


  • Neutral-B is now a flaming charge that will result in a grab if it hits an opponent on the ground. This move has unlimited super armor.
  • All of Bowser’s smashes now have super armor.
  • Neutral-B in the air now results in a Zangief-style spinning pile driver.

Pokemon Trainer

  • Down-B no longer changes out Pokemon.
  • Charizard’s Down-B is now Stealth Rock, while Bulbasaur’s is Giga Drain, and Squirtle’s is a launcher that allows for air follow-ups.


  • A skilled Roy has been able to beat anyone since Melee, but he got some interesting upgrades, for example, his Neutral-B now has super armor.
  • Side-B in the air is an air dash, but its distance is determined based on the character’s momentum.
  • Up-smash is God-like, that’s all there is to it.
  • F-tilt is a swipe that puts a flame projectile across the ground.


  • Link’s back throw animation is now helm splitter from Twilight Princess but with a front flip follow through.
  • Arrows now have a chance to be bomb arrows.
  • Charged Up-B on the ground instantly has its widest radius.
  • If you hold A throughout the entirety of up-taunt then release, it turns into Mortal Draw, and instant kill.
  • Throw range on his bombs is insanely good as well.
  • Very dirty set-ups can happen when a Link throws bombs straight up.
  • Bombs also have massive knockback and have a random chance to become Deku Nuts.

These are just some of the ways Minus has reworked and broken characters. You can download the current version of Minus if you want to give it a try yourself. Since it’s a mod, you can import skins, songs, stages, etc. and make the build your own. Come and join us, the community welcomes you.

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