“Enter the Mind”: Minds Eyes Review

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“Enter the Mind”: Minds Eyes Review

As I looked around, there are waterfall paintings to my left and the room goes black. A door slams, and suddenly there’s nowhere to go. There is a puzzle to solve, but with no indication on how you solve it. Welcome to Minds Eyes, a free to play horror game from Stanislaw Truchowski and publisher TurnVex.

Two chairs appear in the hallway. The first chair says to the other chair we’re stacked. Ah, comedy! But seriously two chairs are stacked on each other, and it makes for a very freaky nature. Those weren’t there before, and then I am screaming bloody murder because of one dirty parlor trick.

I shrieked just loud enough while playing for this review, that my brother looked at me like I was an idiot. That first scare was palpable. I took a deep breath and continued onward. Trying to breathe just a little bit slower this time.

A thunderstorm is still brewing, and now on top of all things, there is an unrelenting chime that will greet you the gamer. If ever you are scared in the game to flip on your matches by hitting the F key. Naturally only a flicker of light will be allowed by the matches. Moving forward is handled with the W key and the space bar allows you to sprint. The simple controls ensuring the game is more about the environment than anything else.

I jumped out of my shoes when the next part happened just dreading the next corner or going through the next door. And then there are the long corridors that don’t wind and have flickering white light. Where you, the player and your grandmother know something sinister is afoot. I am in constant dread is thought to circulate my brain, and my body is willing to take the fight or flight approach. Then I have to calm down again take the two deep breaths this time and trudge on.

Now! Now! In the portion I was at there is a red light. The game is making me run down many hallways for dear life. And there’s a terminal to hack and a maniac is a chasing me. And…I die! I have to reset and have the maniac chase me. And this is the full fear that Minds Eyes puts into the player.

Minds Eyes is a terrifying experience but lacks elements that make horror games fantastic. Yes, I jumped about three times, but the pacing is incredibly frustrating. Not to mention the pacing gaps could be filled in with progressive puzzles that can lead into a story. The ending made no sense and was not cohesive. Aside from a watery story the game is entertaining and scary.

Final Say: Play It!

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