“Whet your Appetite”: Hunger Dungeon Review

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“Whet your Appetite”: Hunger Dungeon Review

Imagine a blocky world that breathes pixilated creatures, heroes, and otherwise strange beings. Pat yourself on the back, go on then and give yourself a pat on the back because you just described Hunger Dungeon.  The music soothes you the gamer’s ears as it sounds like a Jamaican theme song of maracas and bongo drums? Maybe not bongo drums but what do you call the large drums Jamaican people play?

Hunger Dungeon is a very unusual game to describe. It is a game that is precedented on the very notion of MOBA but is it? My character a strong knight goes around whacking at other players with a massive gray pixilated sword. But not sure of where he’s going or what errands of death he has to deal, we are left with a sense of exploratory wonderment. Speaking of the movement, the basics mean that you control your hero/character with the WASD keys.  Left click to issue a downward swipe attack. Right clicking the mouse will make you shoot an arrow out. This game is worth noting that it is an early access title. So there is a lot of rough edges within the title.

The Altiplanos start chiming, and I am off!  With other players chasing me it becomes a death fest. But there is also another element. You the gamer must race for resources such as carved up bits of cheese, what appear to be brown books and maybe hearty meat hunks.  It is weird because each level is small and is like a death arena where players are pitted against each other for the will to survive. Yes, the Hunger Games reference will invariably come up. And no there’s no Katniss Everdeen to save you from dying. Yes, there are keys to getting the next obvious point. And yes they are painfully obvious. Not to mention when you kill another player. Ergo, I was fighting against an octo pirate who very much resembled Chthlu, I killed him as he was dripping or leaking acid trails behind his butt. But I outwitted him and maneuvered right and slashed and dodged my way to instant victory. If you kill someone it is like Ultima or something close to Ultima; perhaps RuneScape where you maliciously murder them and take all the goodies they once treasured, indeed the ole pirate motto of booty and plunder.

Going three kills, five deaths, 1172 damage, dealt 66 food gained monster and treasure chest 4/2. Then you the reviewer remember that you were tricked into playing real people and played bots and turned brightly red. Whoops!  The modes are simple. Single player with bots, multiplayer. Heroes that the gamer can choose. Or items that the hero can unlock. And it seems the main draw of the game is to be an escape artist and survive the levels to ultimately win.  As mentioned up top this can be achieved with a shiny gold key.

At the start of the round as in most MOBA’s you can buy weapons but to do that you, the gamer, need gold. There are QWE slots but to get those the gamer has to put more time in the game. Also, 1-9 represent the item slots.

The game play is very fun from the great soundtrack of levels to the level design and appearance of your hero.  The slashing of the hero and bursting specters or players into bits of cheese is thoroughly entertaining. Who knew? Exploding people into cheese is genius! There seems to be longevity just from the different modes. Fighting NPC’s or real life people in a death box for survival is bon appétit.  The desire for the developer to build on the main gaming elements will charm the gamer once released. But all of the momentum in the meantime is going up. And it looks like a solid foundation.

Final Say: Play it!

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