One on One with Jonathan Hyde: ‘The Strain’ Season Two

Posted in Kulturecast by - July 14, 2015

The Strain was one of the most popular and successful TV shows last season, based off the best-selling trilogy by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan. With Del Toro involved in the production of the show, along with Chuck Hogan working on a fair amount of the teleplays, the show has also succeeded due to the phenomenal cast. 

Jonathan Hyde plays Eldritch Palmer on the show, the wealthy financier of humanity’s downfall who knowingly sets the apocalypse in motion. Along with The Strain, Mr. Hyde has been a powerhouse in the world of acting, not only in films and television but also a storied theater career. His role on the show brings a certain level of gravitas that is needed for an up-and-coming show, and one that is one of the most memorable in the series. 

We spoke with Mr. Hyde today about his time on the show, what we can expect in season two, and what it was like working with Corey Stoll and the legend Guillermo Del Toro. 

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