WWE, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins Have Important Decisions to Make

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It’s the KO show on Monday night RAW, but it doesn’t mean his the focus on everyone’s minds right now. Seth Rollins didn’t need to win the belt again quite yet and the WWE made the right move by making sure Kevin Owens isn’t a transitional champ.

Many wrestlers and promoters say the best booked match is one where both guys can come out looking stronger than when they went in. I’m not certain if they look stronger, but the WWE made both guys look fantastic.

Owens is the charismatic heel who gets by with old school heel tactics and Rollins the slowly turning face, which arguably probably should have happened much earlier in his return.
Clash of Champions’ main event had the perfect ending it has set up some interesting scenarios coming in the next few months. The biggest questions lie in where Rollins and Owens are headed long term.

There undoubtedly will be another match or two in store for both performers, if the WWE’s past booking decisions are any indication about what is to come.  But what comes after is going to be the most interesting storyline going forward for both wrestlers. Does KO keep his title and see a long run? Does Rollins go after Triple H? Is Stephanie a heel or face (someone answer me).

But seriously, this is a real turning point for the company in what we are used to seeing and I really believe it starts with Owens’ title reign.I don’t believe we will see a short two or three month span with Owens as the champ. It doesn’t make a lot of sense as far as story telling goes to take it off of him, if for no other reason because there isn’t another face on RAW who can really carry the belt and Owens is arguably the best heel in the company right now.

This is a perfect opportunity for the WWE to give Owens a legitimate run at champ, which will give him staying power for future title runs and main events.Plus, fans love seeing a guy like Owens with the title and he can put on a good match with anyone. He can create hits on the mic and it is one of his best attributes.

For Rollins, the continual face turn will undoubtedly progress as he will most likely become the top face on RAW in the absence of Finn Balor.It’s a move the WWE not only needs for story telling purposes, but also because no one can honestly hate Rollins. During his return even his most heelish actions were cheered.


It didn’t help the WWE made the short film documenting Rollins’ long battle and recovery to return to the company after an awful knee injury. It’s impossible to not cheer for the guy.It seems like a battle will ensue between the corporate bad guy Triple H and Rollins at some point and while fans haven’t been very receptive to Triple H being inserted into the big pay per views this option makes so much sense and it will have a satisfying conclusion for fans. I’d bet my house on it (don’t take my gambling advice).

Triple H corrupted and then proceeded to screw his protégé over by handing the belt to Owens. Triple H needs his ass kicked and Rollins needs to break away from him.No more pedigree. It doesn’t make sense anymore and it takes away from Rollins’ abilities. Give him a new finisher, it’s time to move on.

Once the transformation is complete, Rollins can finally take his rightful place as a top face and maybe even have a chance at Owens, if his title run goes that long.  Or maybe we can see a respectable feud between a face Rollins and heel Roman Reigns. I’m still pushing for this. Please.

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