Is It Time for a Change for Bray Wyatt?

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The WWE has always had a strange way of booking their talent. It seems the writers, or Vince himself, have a real issue with doing what is simple or obvious. They are even more oblivious to when a change is needed.

Just take a look at Bray Wyatt. Bray’s character, along with the entire stable of the Wyatt family, had grown stale. Show after show the whole Wyatt family were taking losses and became a running joke (remember the six-second match at Wrestlemania)?

It looked as if fortunes were about to change for Bray, who upon his return received an astounding positive reaction. As his entrance music hit the ‘fireflies’ lit the arena. As the music stopped welcome back, chants met Bray Wyatt as he asked: “did you miss me?” I for one did.

Even the segments with New Day had at least been entertaining, and it seemed the menacing Wyatts had made their return. Then this week’s RAW happened.

While I’m sure the fight at the Wyatt compound between New Day and the Wyatts probably seemed to be an excellent idea at the time, to no one’s surprise it ended up being a complete rip-off of TNA’s Final Deletion program, which aired less than a full week before. If you are going to blatantly still something in today’s era of wrestling or any other form of entertainment for that matter you have to execute it flawlessly. Monday this didn’t happen.

The fight between both sides failed to produce the kind of spots and action the Final Deletion between Matt and Jeff pulled off. The horror angle and post effects were terrible. It looked bad, really bad. Above all else, the New Day made it out of the compound. They fought the Wyatt family to a draw in their literal backyard. It makes one wonder if history is going to repeat itself with the Wyatts.

Of so, it could be the end of any push for Bray, but there is still a chance for him to reach prominence within the company but it will take change from WWE creative. It’s time to turn Bray’s face.

The evil cult was fun for a time but now it’s the same thing week in and out and while the stable gives the other members something meaningful to be a part of it is only hurting Bray Wyatt.

It’s time to disband the Wyatt Family and let Bray fly solo. His mic skills are nearly unmatched, his in ring work is good, and he has a unique look. The move isn’t that difficult to make either. Wyatt is all about his philosophy, so if you want to break the stable up then shift the philosophy slightly or oppose the group to his philosophy.

Besides, is Bray’s philosophy all that menacing, to begin with? Half the people are not even sure what Bray is trying to preach, while the other half actually support the philosophy. I mean, is it wrong to point out the faults of the world? There is a real character there that people can potentially get behind in a big way.

Bray doesn’t have to be the typical baby face, but it’s not like the anti-hero characters don’t work. Every character needs to be unique and when the WWE copy and pastes characters into certain archetypes it only hurts the product. The WWE and all of wrestling need grayer when developing characters. It’s always best to let the character’s traits decide who he or she can or cannot be. This type of freedom is much more entertaining and could be the kind of change Bray Wyatt needs to become a prominent star.

It’s not like there haven’t been characters throughout professional wrestling who have made changes work. Two guys who come to mind are CM Punk and AJ Styles. Both performers can bring the change between heel and face seamlessly. AJ Styles has switched several times becoming the protégé of Ric Flair, coming back to TNA attacking everyone and then becomes the savior of TNA.

Even in WWE Styles makes the turns seem easy coming into the company as a face and then quickly, through the plot device of the Club, creates an enormous amount of heat by attacking Cena.

In CM Punks case he was able to switch freely between the heel and face characters by essentially becoming a preacher for the Straight Edge Society. Punk then stepped into the role as the anti-hero standing up to Vince and making his life a living hell, much like Steve Austin but Punk’s method was much different. Hell, Punk even went full-on babyface backing up Daniel Bryan.

I have complete faith Wyatt could pull off the face turn and make a good run with it. He is too charismatic and he’s speaking abilities can take him a long way or they can continue the path they have continually taken and let Wyatt sink. The saying is if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Well, right now it’s broke, and the WWE needs to fix it.

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