The WWE Weekly Recap: He’s Not a Good Guy, He’s Not a Bad Guy…

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A bit of a slow week for WWE, the early part of which was dominated by one Roman Reigns. It’s interesting actually. Even without the belt, Reigns somehow finds himself at the center of all things WWE.

Roman Reigns Suspended

Announced after Monday Night Raw, Roman Reigns was suspended for 30 days after his first violation of the WWE Wellness Policy. Roman Reigns will be taken off of television, and the house show circuit until his match at WWE Battle Ground, a triple threat match versus his former Shield brothers for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Interestingly, Reigns will also be absent for the WWE Draft.

Given the timing of the announcement and Seth Rollins clean pin over reigns at Money in the Bank, numerous media outlets were speculating that WWE had knowledge of the violation prior to the Pay Per View event. Further fuel was added after a former member of the outsiders claimed he was punished for a wellness violation weeks after the test had been failed.

Reigns’s suspension proves that WWE is serious about enforcing the Wellness Policy and if there was going to be a case that was to be swept under the rug, it would certainly be his. However, it is important to note that Reigns’s suspension could be due to a multitude of things, including a failure to provide a sample and not necessarily a steroid violation.

Reigns’s return will likely be a point of reversal in regards to his pursuit of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. If the audience at large hated Reigns before, upon his return, I imagine people won’t take to kindly to the slap in the face he just delivered to his fans and his fellow wrestlers. Additionally, imagine the revolt that will ensue if Reigns does win his belt back at Battleground. In any event, it will be nice to be able to enjoy the show for once.

The Boss is Back

After defeating Becky Lynch and Nattie at Money in the Bank, Charlotte seems all but unstoppable as her tentacle like grasp of the WWE Woman’s Championship grows ever tighter. After running through what appeared to be the last true competition in the form of Paige, Charlotte seemed poised to reign as the enternal Queen. Salvation has returned to the WWE and Charlotte is now on notice. Come Summerslam, Sasha Banks will be your new WWE Women’s Champion

Chris Jericho wants the WWE World Heavyweight Title

A bit of a personal news tidbit, but important nontheless. As Raw was heading into the Main Event, Chris Jericho and Shane McMahon engaged in a heated back and forth segment backstage, culminating in Jericho using the phrase, “whichever show I’m drafted to,” While I’m excited to get more Jericho post draft, it’s an even more exciting prospect that more of the old guard can return to fill out the roster and join in for the long haul. Plus, the thought of one more title run from Y2J would likely get some eyes back on the product.

WWE Softening on CM Punk?

There was a time when the name “CM Punk,” was treated as Voldemort, a name so heinous that no one dare even utter the first syllable. However, in recent weeks, it appears that the CM Punk embargo is being lifted as Punk’s likeness has been featured in numerous WWE video packages. Most recently, Punk was featured in a “Before They Were Famous” top ten video hosted on

Will He or Won’t He?

The WWE Universe erupted as news trickled out that Kurt Angle claimed he had spoken to WWE, Triple H in particular about an in ring return, post Draft. After a few days however, Angle would walk back those comments, saying he had spoken to WWE, but not about a wrestling contract. It seems odd that the subject matter of a conversation could be so misunderstood, but once again, the WWE Universe finds itself in limbo as we await the return of the Olympic Champion.

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