Dear Friends: A Note to Enzo Amore

Posted in The Three Count by - March 14, 2016

Despite one of the most odd finishes seen in a professional wrestling match, Saturday’s glorified house show contained three hours of some of the most solid, sound and impressive wrestling seen in a WWE product in quite some time. While the stakes were admittedly low, everyone it seemed (even the usually inept announce team) brought their absolute best to the Great White North. However, while Natalya and company stole the show, there was one man who gave the rest of the roster a run for their money… a man I owe an apology to.

In the past, I broke from the majority of the internet wrestling community and decreed one Enzo Amore as “irritating,” “grating,” and perhaps more importantly I decreed that he “couldn’t wrestle.” At one time all three of these statements were accurate. Saturday I was proven wrong on my most important criticism.

While I still find Enzo and what can only me described as a bad caricature of Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. His puns and word play are more akin to something spouted by Steve From Long Island or a seventh grade inner city poetry slam. Road Dogg he certainly ain’t.

Additionally, we must talk about his god awful hair. As a man whose hair is currently thinning, perhaps I’m not one to throw stones, however I highly doubt that white guys in the hood are sporting a ‘doo more akin to Doc Brown from Back to the Future.

Couple this with an outfit appearing to originate from the clearance rack at Gordmans and you have a sure fire recipe for the second coming of The Ascension were Enzo and Colin Cassidy to make it to the main roster under this current gimmick. But Enzo proved something Saturday night to not only me, but to the rest of the world. He silenced anyone that stated that he was a wrestler… and a pretty damn good one.

I’ve written before of Enzo’s continued progress, but this weekend was different. Enzo showed not only that, unlike the likes of Baron Corbin that he is learning from his mistakes and genuinely growing at NXT. Mechanically, he’s ready for the big time. The fluidity in his movements his ring awareness give credence to this point.

It’s worth noting that Saturday’s contest was executed in typical Enzo/Cass fashion. Enzo would start the match, the difference in this outing being his excellent display of wrestling prowess. After hitting a few signature moves, he would get the ever-loving piss beaten out of him. After hitting a tag, he would sell for about five minutes while Big Cass would do most of the work. Finally, despite barely being able to walk, Cass would tag Enzo in to hit the Rocket Launcher for the pin.

Enzo indeed did eventually get the hell beaten out of him, but he did so in an excellent fashion. Quite frankly, Enzo… I’m proud of you. I’m proud that you’ve proven me wrong. You got yourself over with the crowd despite your terrible gimmick and talentless valet. You and your life long friend are living your dream, and very few people can say that. I didn’t think you could do it but you have.

Roman Reigns has spent more time in the ring than you and you are working circles around him… that should say something about the career path that is ahead of you. Enzo, You’re destiny can take you around many avenues through the clouds. The path you choose is up to both of you. However, before you go, there is one final piece of business we must attend to.

Enzo Amore… I am truly sorry. Congratulations.

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