The WWE Weekly Recap: 9/27/15: Hope and Change

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A few days removed from Raw, as I was about to turn in my Raw review, a sad realization hit me… it was similar to me last Raw Review, and even the one before that. It was a hard pill to swallow, but I realized that the thing I loved, and the thing I wanted to change for the better, wasn’t. WWE programming, at least on television had become stagnant… and we were in grave danger of doing the same. If our target won’t change… then we must do so.

Change starts here at the Three Count. Big things are in store and we’re excited to be bringing them to you.

Post Night of Champions, the fallout from the Pay-per-view has been seen in some surprising places. The lack of Sting due to an injury sustained during a match has left fans with more questions than answers and Chris Jericho’s absence makes the Night of Champions appearance feeling more and more like a gimmick.

However, This has been a somewhat busier week than normal in WWE. Kane’s return and Kevin Owens’s title victory certainly has people talking, however the real news here is Paige’s earth shattering promo and subsequent heel turn on Raw. If you missed this, or anything else, scroll ahead to check out This Week in WWE.

Seth Rollins Dragged to Hell

After a “meh” level match in the main event on Raw, John Cena gave his first U.S. Title defense as Seth Rollins cashed in his rematch clause. Post match, Kane appeared on screen as Demon Kane to, *yawn * state his intention for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. After the promo, a hole appeared in the ring, and Kane drug Seth Rollins to Hell where he was surly raped and tortured for all eternity. It was a great “Attitude Era” throwback and actually a fun way to end the show.

Cesaro Buried

Also on Raw, as the build for the upcoming Madison Square Garden Event begun in earnest, Brock Lesnar’s opponent, The Big Show needed a big victory or push to add some credibility to him as a competitor. Apparently, WWE decided to not make the same mistake they did in putting Lesnar against Kofi Kingston as the Big Show got his push over the biggest rising star in the company, Cesaro. Cesaro may have been stunted a bit here and it will be interesting to see where Cesaro goes from here as another high profile loss may have the “Cesaro Section” scratching their heads.

Paige Drops the Bomb

Staying on Raw, The Diva’s Revolution got the much needed shot in the arm that both fans and fellow performers have so desperately and passionately demanded. We will be profiling this event in an upcoming piece, but if you’ve missed out on this event, check it out above as with time, I guarentee that this will be as fondly remembered as CM Punk’s version some years ago.

Natalya Returns

Finally on Raw, after Paige’s claim that she was unsure if Natalya worked for WWE anymore, Natalya returned to the single’s scene after a lengthy absence, mostly likely tending to her Husband’s injury suffered at the hands of “The Biggest Fucking Asshole in the Universe” Samoa Joe. Of course, Natalya was made to look rusty and inexperienced in the ring in her loss to Naomi. After such a game changing event on Raw, its sad to see the best female wrestler on the roster being booked in this manner.

Paige’s Continues her Heel turn

Moving on the Smackdown, Paige contiuned her journey to full on “bitch” as she attempted to apologize to Becky Lynch and Charlotte on Smackdown. Natalya would eventually interject into the mix as she attempted to talk some sense into Paige. Things would quickly go off the rails from there, as Paige directed her assault towards the Queen of Harts. After slapping Natalya, Paige now finds herself in the middle of her most exciting feud since the days of AJ Lee.

Ryback Teams with Ziggler

Now free from the constraints of defending the Intercontinental Title, Ryback sought revenge on Owens for his victory at Night Of Champions. This being Smackdown and per the notes of the Teddy Long Doctrine, the rubber match must be a tag match. With Rusev seeking revenge on Ziggler after the “Stiletto Affair” at Night of Champions, its only fitting the the four would find themselves in a tag match. The real news here is the ending, as Kevin Owens would take flight during the match, leaving Rusev to fend for himself. This of course confirms that the Intercontinental Championship will be defended in the manner as it has been as of late, shittily. Stay turned for more on this story.

Asuka Rises

The big news out of NXT, save for Blake and Murphy cashing in their rematch clause, was the contract signing of Japanese mega star, Asuka. Much like Hideo Itami’s contract signing and debut, this was also marred by the appearance of a heel to crash the party. In an attempt to salvage the characters of Dana Brooke and Emma, they were the lucky ones to grace the stage with Asuka. However, breaking the norm, Asuka exited the ring with no confrontation. An odd way to set up a potential feud.

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