Raw Top Five 8/24/15: Best Week Ever

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After what will likely be remembered as the best weekend of wrestling in over a decade, WWE rolled into Monday Night with a ton of momentum. With many viewers having already ingested ten hours of professional wrestling the two nights before, it would appear easy to write off Monday’s show. However, Monday Night Raw proved to be a must watch event. Had it not been for the women’s title match at Takeover, Monday Night Raw would have been the show of the weekend, and that’s a far cry from where we’ve been the past few weeks, er months… er… years.

Jon Stewart Defends His Actions

Before digging into our top five, a quick aside in regards to the crowd. While much has been said about the crowd and their actions, particularly during the Women’s match. It’s sad that the women were disrespected in such a way, however from the outside looking in, it seems more akin to the Boos that John Cena receives night after night. On Saturday, Sasha Banks put on the match of her career. The next day, she was unceremoniously eliminated in a bullshit triple threat match. We are sick of it. Let the Diva’s Revolution revolve, and let these women wrestle.

What ended up being one of the worst segments of SummerSlam became somewhat palatable twenty four hours later as John Cena returned from the ashes to exact his revenge on the man that cost him his coveted US Title. The post SummerSlam crowd was not sympathetic to Cena’s cause Sunday, and Monday wasn’t much different. Seeing Stewart on the receiving end of an Attitude Adjustment was certainly a fun sight, but it sent shivers up my spine as I remembered that Cena does have a rematch clause to cash in.

Braun Strowman Follows the Buzzards

With Erick Rowan fading into obscurity, and the Wyatt Family reunion landing with a thud thanks, in part, to the weird Top Gun vibe Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are giving, this feud needed a shot in the arm in a big way. Enter former strongman and green as grass wrestler, Adam Scherr to even the odds. As Strowman, the newest member of the Wyatt Family laid waste to Reigns in the center of the ring. Expect this feud to continue into Survivor Series, where a 3v3 match is the likely outcome. However, the real question is who sides with the “Almost Shield Reunion”? My money goes on a returning Erick Rowan.

The Dudley’s Return.

In what will likely win Kulture Shock’s “Surprise of Year” award, D’Von and Bubba Ray Dudley returned to WWE programming for what looks to be a full time run with the company. The New day found themselves on the receiving end of a 3D through a table. While the spot wasn’t as smooth as I remember, it was awesome to see another amazing pair of veterans in the ring in the modern wrestling era. Its a great time to be a wrestling fan, and the video above proves it. I can’t wait to see gold around their waists one last time.

Paul Heyman Speaks at the Pulpit.

In yet another very Paul Heyman-esque promo, Paul Heyman takes to the center of the ring to call attention to the dusty finish at SummerSlam. Challenging ‘Taker to one final bout to settle the score, Heyman proves, yet again, that he is more often than not the most entertaining thing about wrestling. The answer to the challenge Heyman set forth was certainly a bit of a surprise, and garnered more than a few laughs in the household. All in all a wonderful, fun promo that kept the loose tone of the episode.

Sting returns.

Sting’s return comes with a huge, earth shattering stipulation. Sting will be challenging Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Read that last sentence back and let it sink in. For the first time… ever, WCW mainstay, Sting, will be competing for a WWE Title. This is an amazing, once in a lifetime event. While the fantasy booker in me wants him to take the belt, I know this is an unlikely scenario. The video above was a great bookend to a stellar program that was only marred by a rowdy crowd.

Final Say: 5/5 Must Watch!

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