Raw’s Top Five 8/10/2015: Big Time

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This week’s Raw is another mixed bag of promos, matches, and everything in between, some better than others. We got boastful champions, a superhero, and some matches set into place, but was it any good? 

Green Arrow Takes It To Stardust

I’ve never watched Arrow but I know who Stephen Amell is, and why he’s popular. Even if I haven’t seen the show, He jumped the barrier like a boss and got involved post-match with Stardust, who had been taunting him for weeks through social media. Neville and Amell now have an official match on the books for Summerslam against Barrett and Stardust, a match that will consist of Amell laying into Stardust no doubt. It’s a good way to get mainstream eyes on the product, and cross-promote. 

Miz TV with Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan would return to his hometown of Seattle to sit in on Miz TV to get chided by the Miz. The crowd went wild for Daniel Bryan, as he hasn’t been seen in the WWE for some time, and it was nice to see him back, if even for a small segment. Ryback and Big Show would also make appearances during the segment to setup their Triple Threat match at Summerslam. I enjoy Ryback, but honestly could care less about Big Show, as is the sentiment of the crowd with their “please retire” chants. I don’t know if I’m excited about their match, but I’m glad Ryback has returned. 

No. 1 Contender’s Match

Cesaro, Owens, and Orton would square off against one another for the shot at facing Rollins for the title in the main event of the evening. It was a fast paced match that allowed all three competitors to  shine, even if they continued to play up the fact that Owens refuses to compete. They need to book Owens as a beast, not as a wimp, and continuing to have him bail out of matches is not the right way to do that. The crowd is also solidly behind Cesaro, and he is on the verge of Daniel Bryan circa 2014 territory, which is great for such a talented performer as the Swiss Superman. Orton would end up winning, unfortunately, ensuring him a chance against Rollins later in the night for the title.

Ambrose Takes on Harper

Ambrose took on Harper in a preview of their tag team battle at Summerslam, and it did not disappoint. These two consistently put on great matches against one another, and I’m excited to see them as part of the Wyatt Family/Shield match in two weeks. They both have non-traditional, hard hitting offenses that works well together, and their disparate sizes also make for fantastic matches. A solid match on Raw has become a rare occurrence recently, but not if these two are involved. 

Orton vs. Rollins for the Title

Nobody expected Orton to win the match, as it has been telegraphed as Rollins versus Cena for the longest time, so it wasn’t great. It was good to see the two take to the ring, but a clean finish was not in the books from the get go. Sheamus would come out to interrupt the match and Brogue Kick Rollins, teasing a cash-in, but he got RKO’d in the process. Rollins would retain the title and setup his inevitable match with Cena at Summerslam. 

This week’s Raw progressed some of the stories, and setup some interesting matches for Summerslam, but ultimately fell short of being wholly watchable, or memorable. 

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