Raw’s Top Five 7/20/15: How is This Even Happening?

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Monday Night Raw this week was something else, primarily due to fact that Undertaker, who hasn’t been seen outside of the build to Mania in eight years, headlined the show. He had previously faced Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania, burying him in the process. He then returned at Battleground to have his revenge against Brock Lesnar, the man who broke his undefeated streak. The entire evening would center around the two, and the inevitable build to their Summerslam match. 

Undertaker Returns

I’m not the biggest fan of Undertaker. His promo that he cut at the beginning of Raw didn’t help much, as he sounded more like a gravelly Triple H than he did Undertaker. He came out, growled a whole lot, and said that Battleground was his true resurrection. I have a hard time understanding how Taker could wrestle at Mania this year with Lesnar on the card, yet ignore him until now. I can only suspend disbelief for so long unfortunately. Their match at Summerslam probably won’t for me. 

Taker and Lesnar Tear It Up

Paul Heyman would come out to give Lesnar’s retort following Taker’s promo at the beginning of the evening. As Heyman would continue to boast about the defeat of the streak, Taker would come out again to intimidate him. As he prepared to strangle Heyman, Lesnar would run down to the ring with reckless abandon and the two would begin to beat the ever-loving piss out of one another. It would be an epic fight that would require the entire locker room to come out to keep them apart. I thought the fight was cool, except for the fact that it almost buried the entire locker room, seeing as they barely keep the two of them apart long enough to settle them down.

Lesnar Gets Arrested

The brawl between Lesnar and Taker would continue into the backstage area, with the superstars still fruitlessly attempting to break them up. Lesnar is an absolute beast and I’m glad that they let him fully tear into Taker. They would continue to fight until the police showed up to cuff Lesnar and take him away. Why they wouldn’t cuff Taker as well is beyond me, since he was the initial instigator of the fight, but hey, what is logic? Their match at Summerslam is going to be something, but I’m sad to say that I think we all know what the outcome is going to be.

The Divas Tear It Up

While the divas match at Battleground wasn’t great, primarily since it felt like the NXT divas were being held back by the main roster divas, their match on Raw was much better, as it allowed the NXT divas to actually shine. Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch are two of the most talented female wrestlers WWE currently has, and they need to be allowed to work. If you’re going to have a “divas revolution” then actually let them revolutionize the division, don’t just say they are. 

Cena Makes His Intentions Clear

After thoroughly burying Kevin Owens the night before at Battleground, a conclusion we all knew was coming, Cena set his sights on Rollins. Cena would come out speaking his typical “you’re not a good champion” rhetoric that has become so commonplace any time he sets his eyes on the world heavyweight championship. Cena needs a 16th title reign ; Rollins needs to get put back in his place as a mid-card wrestler. Mark my words, if Cena wins the title off Rollins at Summerslam, I may give up WWE for a period of time so that I can come back to it with fresh eyes around Royal Rumble.

This week’s Raw has begun to light the path to Summerslam, and I don’t like the direction its headed. There is more interest in having the part-time/legend talent go over the new stars, as that is what sells tickets, yet there is little care in what happens at the other ten pay-per-views that aren’t “the big ones”. WWE needs to get their heads on straight and learn that the established talent might sell tickets, but the young guys are the ones who will secure the WWE’s future.

Raw Rating: 2 out of 5 Cena Title Shots

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