Raw’s Top Five 6/29/15: Oh My God Raw, Really?

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After skipping last week’s Raw, sorry loyal readers, we were swamped with our Freaked Kulturecast, I had high hopes for this week. As soon as I had them, they were gone. Just like that. Let’s get right into the disappointment that was this week’s Raw. 

Entourage: The Promo

We get it. Seth Rollins is still the champion, and I personally have no problem with that except for the fact that he is connected to the Authority. We’ve seen this before when Randy Orton was part of the Authority and was champ, except at least Orton was a fighting champ. Rollins has been booked as the perpetually gutless heel, and this promo further reinforce that. The Authority is back together, and Rollins gets and gives gifts to his entourage. 

Cesaro Answers The Call

John Cena’s US Title Open Challenge has been a recurring theme since the first Raw post-Wrestlemania, and has been an overall successful. Along with elevating the lowly US Title, the matches have often been the highlight of Raw. This week was no different, with Cena and Cesaro putting on an absolute clinic. Cena takes a lot of flack from smarks as being a poor wrestler, but that’s just bandwagon nonsense, he’s a talented wrestler. His character’s staleness aside, this match was a great showcase of his skills, and was hurt only slightly by the non-finish. 

Tag Team Action is Great Action

I can’t speak highly enough about how much I enjoy the New Day. They are awesome as totally oblivious, yet nasty heels, even without the titles. Everyone involved in the match is fantastic and were able to counter the other’s styles and also shine on their  own. I’m also extremely glad that the Prime Time Players won the titles, as its nice to see Titus O’Neil with some gold around his waist.

Sheamus Grounds Neville

While some people are divided about whether or not Sheamus should have won the Money in the Bank, if he continues to be booked as an absolute beast like in this match, I’m ok with it. The best thing about Sheamus is he is the kick-ass heel that the WWE needs right now, as opposed to a constant stream of chicken-shit heels. He would beat Neville with the Brogue Kick, and continue to look like an absolute monster.

The Authority Always Wins

The big surprise of the night: the Authority won. With a match-up like Reigns and Ambrose versus Kane and Rollins, the outcome was clear before the match started. Bray Wyatt would get involved somehow and cost Reigns the match, and Ambrose by proxy. The match wasn’t anything interesting, then again when seen through the lens of the entire Raw, it was about as good as could be expected.

Monday Night Raw hasn’t been good in some time, but this week was particularly bad. I don’t understand why none of the writers can seem to decide on how to build a story, and until they do, each week will just be the same thing. Authority wins, get it?

Raw Rating: 1 out of 5 Bray Wyatt Run-Ins

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