Monday Night Raw 5/25/2015: The Calm before the Chamber

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Monday Night Raw this week emanated from the soon to be demolished Nassau Coliseum, and it wasn’t great, because it doesn’t have to be. We will continue to watch wrestling even if it isn’t good, because it’s really the only product that has any staying power. 

Reigns and Ambrose vs. Rollins and Kane

It’s time for a shakeup in the title picture. These four continue to face-off, and Kane is still included in the picture, because that’s the only way he is apparently going to stay relevant. They had a perfectly acceptable match, and that’s about the only thing worth saying about it. I wish we got Rollins facing off one on one against someone other than Ambrose or Reigns, but the WWE continues to jam these three down our throats in varying combinations.

R-Truth vs. Rusev

R-Truth shouldn’t be in the Elimination Chamber for the Intercontinental Belt, and this match proves it. He jobbed to Rusev just so we could get a post-match makeup session between Lana and Rusev. The two will eventually get back together, as the WWE has problems truly breaking up power couples succinctly the first time around. I fully expect Rusev to either get close to winning on Sunday, or to win the title on Sunday.

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler continues to show why he needs a bigger push than he’s getting, as opposed to being fed to Sheamus. I actually like the direction Sheamus is moving in with his character, as he is a true badass heel in every sense of the word. I’d love to see Sheamus walk out the champ on Sunday, and odds are he will. Ziggler needs a major title run, and soon.  

Owens Trumps Cena Again

Owens got the best of Cena again after Cena’s match with Zack Ryder, hitting him with another massive powerbomb. Cena is selling Owens’ power really well, and I’m really looking forward to the match between the two this weekend at the Chamber. Everybody knows Cena will win, but hopefully Owens will make him pay and give him a through beatdown. 

Another Contract Signing

They continue to position Ambrose as Stone Cold-lite, and honestly, it’s working. However, I wish they would give Ambrose less of a nostalgia-driven character, and a more original one. It was cool he got to drive out in a police van, but it’s too based on people’s memories of the Attitude Era. It’s not going to be a problem in the long run hopefully, but Ambrose is quickly outshining Reigns as the “next big thing” the WWE has to build up. 

I really hope the Elimination Chamber is awesome this weekend, as this week’s Raw left a fair amount to be desired. Fingers crossed, but I expect to be letdown. 

Raw Rating: 2 out of 5 Police Vans

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