WWE Smackdown Review 4/9/2015: Oh Great, Another Boring Show

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As you can probably imagine, Thursday Night Smackdown failed to deliver a truly entertaining evening. We’re now two weeks removed from Wrestlemania and coming on being three weeks away from Extreme Rules, and I’m saddened to say that I’m not happy with where things are. There is a small ray of hope though, and it is not #Axelmania. Let’s dive in.

Kidd/Cesaro vs The New Day

This was predominantly a snoozefest. The highlight was the Dallas WWE Universe shaming The New Day. Priceless. Natalya has apparently made the claim that Tyson Kidd and Cesaro are the Rolls Royces of the Tag Team division. If cheap shots and a solid win streak are what make a Rolls Royce a luxury car, then I guess she’s right. 

However, I will state for the record that I was as impressed at Cesaro’s show of pure brute strength. He dead lifted a 300 lb Big E. and tossed him over his had lack a sack of laundry.

Jesus. Christ. That dude is strong. Just look at him. Unbelievable natural strength.


Curtis Axel vs Neville

This was actually incredible. I honestly don’t care about Curtis Axel, however, if you haven’t seen NXT or even Neville’s RAW debut two weeks ago, this guy is a phenom. Neville has earned the moniker “The Man that Gravity Forgot”, and for good reason. The way this guy is able to move is insane. Total Phenom. Watch for this guy to make waves in prime time.

Alicia Foxx vs Natalya

Chris, Marc, and I have spoke at length about the Divas division in reviews and on Running the Ropes. It’s fairly mediocre and that stems from how the WWE uses the division, there is less of a focus on actual talent and that is honestly horrifying. Watch the NXT Divas, it’s whole different caliber and mentality. Hopefully with the Diva Battle Royal next Monday on RAW, things can be shaken up a bit. 

As a precursor to that Battle Royal, we got to see Alicia Foxx take on Natalya with guest referee, Cameron. There really wasn’t anything special here. Natalya remains in the very small upper echelon of WWE Divas, and there are some good reasons why.

Brett Wyatt vs Erick Rowan

Brett Wyatt is a creepy dude. The way he talks and acts? Almost nightmarish. But the way he talks about Erick Rowan is extraordinarily creepy. He calls Rowan a broken toy that he fixed? I really like Wyatt’s dedication to the Cajun Hillbilly Shaman gig, but damn, he’s spooky.

This match was technically solid and it’s obvious that Wyatt and Rowan work well together, however, there wasn’t anything truly exciting about it.

Six Man Tag Team

Alright, so Sheamus, Bad News Barrett, and Big Show faced off against Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and Roman Reigns. All in all, this was kind of fun match. There wasn’t anything to get really excited about, and Big Show is an boring behemoth that is only relevant because of his exceptional ability to be huge, menacing, and make Faces look extremely good. So good in fact that even Roman Reigns got a standing ovation for spearing him.

Honestly, it’s ok if you miss this episode of Smackdown, you won’t miss anything.

Smackdown Rating: 3 out of 5 Big Show Run-ins

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