Monday Night Raw Recap 3/2/2015: Make Sure to Take Niagara

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Monday Night Raw emanated from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey this week, and it was another mixed bag. It feels as if the WWE thinks that their audience is too stupid or dense to see where they are going with the storylines. It’s too bad that they treat their Raw audience differently than they do their NXT audience, as it just further reinforces what is wrong with the main booking. There were some bright spots on the show though. 

The Daily Show with Seth Rollins

I love The Daily Show and Jon Stewart is a comedic genius while also being a huge fan of wrestling. While this feels like the E trying to divert attention from Rollins’ social media screwup a couple weeks back, this segment was still entertaining. Stewart tried to sway Rollins by pointing out the fact that the Authority haven’t put him in the main event of Wrestlemania. However, Rollins decided instead to attempt to beat up Stewart which resulted in Randy Orton coming out and allowing Stewart to kick Rollins right in the nard dogs and run away. 

I don’t understand where they are going with Orton, as he still hasn’t turned on Rollins, yet everyone knows that is exactly what is going to happen. It just feels like they are trying to trick the crowd into having doubts on Orton’s allegiances but it isn’t working or believable. Turn Orton face or stop wasting everyone’s time.

Bray Wyatt Burns His Casket

Bray Wyatt continues to call out Taker to no avail, even after lighting a casket on fire, one of the signs of the Deadman. It’s another typical Wyatt promo but honestly this time it’s quite intelligible and logical, which is one of the problems I’ve had with his promo style in the past. My only real issue with the promo is, if you’re trying to make Wyatt look like a badass, why not have him light the casket on fire with a wooden match and not a stick lighter. It just looks goofy as hell. 

Miz Uses Niagara

Sometimes WWE hits the nail on the head with a feud, and they’ve done just that with the burgeoning feud between Mizdow and Miz. Miz is the asshole bully and Mizdow just doesn’t want to stand up to his boss, since he’s given him everything he’s gotten, or at least he thinks so. Miz taking Mizdow’s spot in the commercial was a clear setup for Miz to get egg on his face, and it paid off. I laughed harder than I should of, but hey, sometimes cheap dick jokes are pretty funny. 

Axelmania is Still Running Wild

Yeah, it was a originally a promo between Stephanie McMahon and John Cena but Curtis Axel came out and hijacked the whole thing with his Axelmania shtick. He has managed to get himself over organically by continuing to claim that he was never eliminated from the Royal Rumble match, and aping Hulk Hogan. It’s pretty awesome, and I have a soft spot for Curtis Axel due to who his father was, so I’m glad to see him getting some screen time. I hope he doesn’t get squashed Ryder-style for getting himself over, but as long as they continue to give him screen time I’ll be fine.

Side note: No one honestly believes that Cena won’t be facing Rusev at Mania so just stop trying to instill any sort of doubt because it isn’t working.

Heyman Goes Off

Paul Heyman is the best at what he does, and his promo this week might go down as one of his best and one the best in history. I don’t want to ruin it but it is truly another work of art in promo form.

This week was another promo heavy, light on wrestling Raw. Maybe after Mania we will go back to more wrestling but until then, it will continue to be more promos and less action.

Raw Rating: 3 out of 5 Scorching Heyman Promos 

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