WWE Smackdown Recap 1/29/2015: By God A Casket Match!

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via WWE.com

There were some interesting things that occurred at tonight’s WWE Smackdown. Most notably, Triple H’s deflection at the hell the WWE has been through since the Royal Rumble. Granted, his jokes about the NFL and Rodger Goodell not being able to handle their balls was pretty damn funny, but the deflection may point to a problem that Chris and I talked about in our Running the Ropes segment following the Royal Rumble. Either way, as you’ll see below in case you missed it at Smackdown, Triple H is planning an announcement for Monday Night Raw that will supposedly shake things up as we approach Fastlane in February.

Now the matches themselves were alright. Bare in mind that I’m someone coming back to the sport from an approximate 15 year hiatus from paying attention to it. So, yes, the matches were a little bit bland for me. Pro wrestling to me was the Attitude Era. Things are a little different now, and I’ll just need to get used to it. 

Between the various matches we saw some cool stuff. Triple H issuing a challenge to Sting. A match between Roman Reigns and the Big Show, which was supposed to give us some satisfaction after the awful ending to the Royal Rumble? A confrontation between Rusev and John Cena (a confrontation where the “Undefeated USA Champion” basically ran away like a little school girl). A tag team match between Gold/Stardust & the Ascension – a match that Golddust should have won probably, but seems like they’re setting up for Golddust and Stardust to square off. We also had a match between Jey Uso and and Tyson Kidd. That match got a little weird for me, only because I’m pretty sure Cesaro was feeling up Kidd’s wife. 

Finally we get to the main event. The casket match between Daniel Bryan and Kane. This match was actually pretty sweet. It’s been a long time since I’ve witnessed this style of match, and Kane/Bryan delivered in excellent fashion. Granted the outcome won’t heal the disappointment of Bryan’s fans from his early exit from the Royal Rumble, however it was still an excellent match. If you missed it, find a replay, it’s worth watching.

Smackdown Rating: Four Deflated Footballs signed by Robert Kraft

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